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  • AIGA advocates for global AI access, focusing on responsible and equitable AI development.
  • Addressing AI’s digital divide is critical to ensure developing countries are not left behind.
  • Collaboration between public and private sectors is vital for responsible and inclusive AI growth.

In the wake of the World Economic Forum in Davos, the AI Governance Alliance (AIGA) has released a series of reports emphasizing the need for equitable distribution of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. This alliance, comprising governments, businesses, and experts, is dedicated to shaping responsible AI development and governance. Cathy Li, head of AI, Data and Metaverse at the World Economic Forum, stressed the importance of collaboration to ensure AI’s benefits reach all corners of the globe.

Tackling the challenges of AI distribution

AIGA is proactively addressing key areas to democratize AI access. These include enhancing data quality and availability worldwide, improving computational resources, and adapting AI models to meet local needs. A focus on education and local expertise development is vital for creating effective local AI ecosystems. To support these initiatives, AIGA emphasizes the need for new institutional frameworks and robust public-private partnerships, coupled with multilateral controls.

The digital divide and AI’s global impact

The rapid advancement of AI technology, especially in developed nations, brings with it the risk of widening the digital divide. AIGA, in collaboration with IBM Consulting and Accenture, explores these risks in a new briefing paper series. H.E. Omar Sultan Al Olama, the UAE’s minister of state for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, and Remote Work Applications, affirmed the UAE’s commitment to fostering an inclusive AI environment globally, highlighting the importance of an AI and digital economy roadmap for universal progress.

Building a responsible AI future

Paul Daugherty, Chief Technology Innovation Officer at Accenture, emphasized the unique nature of AI’s evolution. The simultaneous acceleration of technology, regulation, and business adoption necessitates a collaborative approach between the public and private sectors. Sharing insights, resources, and best practices is crucial for responsible AI development. He advocates for inclusive AI to ensure its benefits extend to all parts of the world, including emerging markets.

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