GitHub announces new update regarding Tornado Cash


  • GitHub announces new update regarding the crypto mixer
  • The platform clarified the law before restoring the mixer
  • OFAC claimed that the mixer enabled laundering

GitHub, a software hosting platform, has announced that it has restored the controversial Tornado Cash, back on the platform. The treasury department in the US announced some weeks ago that it had been banned. Traders in the crypto market use the coin mixer to erase their transactions footprint on Ethereum. Concerning that, residents in the US were banned from carrying out services using the mixer.

GitHub said it clarified the law before restoring Tornado Cash

After the announcement from the OFAC, it took GitHub no less than two hours to eliminate everything related to the mixer on its platform. However, developers on Ethereum have called the attention of market participants to the tool being used on the platform today. One of the few protagonists of the coin mixer was the one that first discovered the new update on GitHub. In a previous report, he claimed that the code stands for free speech and is a right everyone should have without question.

According to an email shared by the platform, GitHub pointed out that one of its plans is to be a platform that includes developers in its activities. The platform mentioned that it looks into the sanctions made by governments worldwide to determine how best to ensure these laws are not exploiting their users.

OFAC claimed that Tornado Cash enabled money laundering

GitHub claimed that it sought clarity concerning some codes under sanction and has decided to restore them to its website. According to the statement made by the treasury department off the back of the ban of Tornado Cash, it claimed that it was enabling money laundering in the crypto market. The agency cited the known case of North Korean hacking group Lazarus which has stolen millions in several digital assets from the market. In a recent analysis, the agency claimed that more than $7 billion have passed through the crypto mixer since it was created.

However, there are claims that the figure was not only made up of illegal crypto, as legal transactions account for the most percentage of the transactions. After the ban, several parties were against it, including politicians. A while later, some internet troll sent crypto from the mixer to wallets of top celebrities so that sanctions would be taken against them. However, the agency later assured them it would not take up legal cases against them because the tokens were sent without their consent.

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