Gasparino’s fiery encounter with XRP ‘cult’ leaves Ripple community divided



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  • Gasparino engages in a heated dispute with the XRP community, labeling them a “cult.”
  • Ripple faces potential penalties of up to $1 billion in its legal battle with the SEC.
  • Gasparino questions Ripple’s ability to handle the financial blow and suggests potential strategies.

In a clash of titans, Fox Business’ Charles Gasparino finds himself embroiled in a fiery dispute with members of the XRP community, whom he has boldly labeled a “cult.” The ongoing legal struggle between Ripple and the SEC provides the backdrop for Gasparino’s encounters with the passionate XRP backers, resulting in frustration and professional exhilaration for the Fox anchor.

Gasparino, known for his outspoken nature, took to Twitter to recount his tumultuous interactions with the XRP community, shedding light on the tumult that ensues when he reports on matters they vehemently oppose. “When I reported a few things they hate, I’m public enemy No. 1,” Gasparino tweeted, highlighting the intense backlash he receives from the fervent XRP supporters.

Ripple, synonymous with XRP cryptocurrency, faces potential penalties of up to $1 billion amid their ongoing legal battle with the SEC. Gasparino recently expressed skepticism regarding Ripple’s ability to handle such a substantial financial blow, casting doubt on the firm’s plans to navigate this financial storm. He posited that Ripple might deplete its $1 billion cash reserve or dilute its XRP holdings if it intends to continue operations.

Adding fuel to the fire, Gasparino unintentionally fanned the flames of controversy by inadvertently promoting an XRP-related fraud. Seeking to highlight Ripple’s purported disassociation from XRP, he quote-tweeted a message allegedly from Ripple, which revealed an affiliation with Coinbase and urged readers to get involved. Gasparino’s misstep drew even more ire from the XRP community, with users like King Solomon calling him out on Twitter, stating, “You just quote tweeted a scam post.”

However, amidst the heated exchanges, a glimmer of praise emerged for Gasparino’s writing prowess. The XRP community hailed his work as heroic when it was published, demonstrating the power of his words to captivate and inspire. Gasparino’s relentless pursuit of truth and willingness to delve into controversial topics have earned him acclaim and disdain, further solidifying his role as a prominent figure in the XRP saga.

As the market grapples with the implications of the Ripple v. SEC ruling, Gasparino delivered a sobering perspective, tempering the initial euphoria that had propelled XRP to fourth place on CoinMarketCap. He questioned whether the ruling was truly a victory for the San Francisco-based company, refuting any claims of pursuing an interview with Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse.

Gasparino’s clashes with the XRP community testify to the intensity surrounding Ripple’s legal battle. With transition words like “Moreover” and “Consequently” punctuating the ever-evolving narrative, the stage is set for a continued clash of opinions and an uncertain future for Ripple and its fervent supporters.

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