Game Boy transforms into crypto hardware wallet in a nostalgic tech revamp


  • Keyp is turning Nintendo’s Game Boy into a hardware wallet, the Game Wallet, for securely storing cryptocurrencies offline.
  • Using a physical cartridge, the Game Wallet generates seed phrases for users through RPG-style quests and interactions.
  • Designed to be secure and independent, the Game Wallet will be capable of storing any cryptocurrency that uses BIP-32 seed phrases, like Bitcoin and Ethereum.”

In a twist of technology’s tale, a classic icon of the ’90s, the Nintendo Game Boy, has found itself a novel purpose in the contemporary cryptocurrency arena. The Game Wallet, an ingenious development by Joseph Schiarizzi of Web3 startup Keyp, aims to convert the revered handheld gaming device into a secure hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies, thereby elevating its status from a device of nostalgia to a beacon of modern finance.

As Schiarizzi breathes new life into the vintage gaming device, he promises an unconventional way of storing crypto assets. By introducing a physical cartridge, he transforms the Game Boy into a “truly offline hardware wallet.” In essence, the Game Boy is being repurposed to securely store cryptocurrencies, encapsulating the thrill of gaming with the seriousness of finance. This hardware wallet operates independently, absolving the need for firmware updates and promising secure storage for digital wealth.

This innovation adds a gaming dimension to the sober world of crypto storage. Users generate a mnemonic phrase— a seed for storing their crypto assets— by playing a game. The player’s journey through various quests and their interactions with non-playable characters generate randomness, a crucial aspect of cryptographic systems, adding to the security of this novel wallet.

Game wallet: A novelty-turned necessity

What began as an innovative project now seems to have become a critical product. Given recent controversies surrounding Ledger’s new “recovery” service, the Game Wallet presents itself as a secure, offline cold storage solution with no need for firmware updates. Co-founder Sascha Mombartz underlines the trust factor by stating that we know exactly where our Game Boy has been over the last 20 years, making it more reliable than new security devices.

While the Game Wallet can accommodate any cryptocurrency using BIP-32 seed phrases, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, its open-source software encourages anyone to create their own implementation, if desired. This flexibility adds to the appeal of this hardware wallet, amplifying its potential reach in the crypto community.

The proposed rollout of the Game Wallet is scheduled for this summer, but pre-orders should open soon. And although it is not the first attempt at integrating the Game Boy into the crypto world, it is arguably the most practical and potentially influential yet.

In conclusion, the Game Wallet is not merely a mesh of retro gaming and modern finance; it is a testament to the power of innovation. This game-changing hardware wallet, made possible by repurposing the Game Boy, has the potential to shape the way we perceive and handle digital currencies, adding a fresh, exciting dimension to the often-monotonous world of crypto storage.

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