Friend.tech announces plans to penalize users of copycat platforms


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  • Friend.tech has announced that it will penalize its users who migrate to copycat platforms.
  • Founder releases apology to quell tension.

In the fast-evolving world of cryptocurrency and decentralized social media, the recent launch of Friend.tech’s app, touted as a decentralized social media platform built on blockchain technology, has ignited a firestorm of criticism. The controversy revolves around Friend.tech’s decision to penalize users who explore alternative forks or copycat versions of their tokenized social media ecosystem.

Friend.tech plans to remove reward of erring users

Friend.tech’s official announcement, made through their “friend.tech X” account on August 28th, stated that users who migrated to forks and copies of the platform would no longer earn “Points” and would forfeit any existing points earned during the beta phase. This move was met with backlash from the crypto community, particularly in light of the upcoming launch of a competing platform named Shares, also dubbed a “SocialFi” application, set to release on August 31st.

The Points, a form of rewards, have been distributed to Friend.tech’s beta testers weekly, with a total distribution goal of 100 million points over six months. Despite this distribution, the purpose of these Points remains cryptic, with only a vague mention on August 15th that they would serve a “special purpose” upon the official release of the app. Speculations within the community are rife, ranging from the Points translating to friend.tech governance tokens to potentially hold financial value for users. Additionally, the seed round investment from Paradigm has raised expectations of a future native token airdrop for Friend.tech.

However, the decision to penalize users for exploring other platforms has raised concerns within the crypto sphere. Criticism poured in almost immediately after the announcement, with hundreds of comments and reposts condemning Friend.tech for its anti-competitive stance. Pseudonymous trader CryptoKaleo criticized the move, stating that it contradicts the principles upon which the industry was built. Others voiced similar sentiments, calling the decision a mishandling of competition in the Web3 space.

Founder releases apology to quell tension

Amidst the growing backlash, the pseudonymous founder of Friend.tech, known as “Racer,” issued an apology through the platform’s official X account on August 29th. In the apology statement, Racer acknowledged that the previous decision was made hastily and out of fear of potential competition. The statement indicated a retraction of the punitive measures and expressed a commitment to fostering a more inclusive and open environment within the crypto community.

Interestingly, this controversy emerged less than three weeks after the public launch of Friend.tech on August 11th. Despite early optimism, the platform has faced a decline in several key metrics, including user activity, transaction volume, and inflows. Notably, transaction figures have plummeted by over 90% from their peak on August 21st, with a mere fraction of the transactions recorded on August 28th compared to previous days.

The incident sheds light on the delicate balance between fostering healthy competition and protecting one’s user base within the burgeoning decentralized social media landscape. Friend.tech’s turbulent journey underscores the need for strategic decisions and community engagement in an industry that thrives on innovation, transparency, and user empowerment.

As the crypto community watches the aftermath of Friend.tech’s announcement unfold, it becomes evident that the path toward success in the Web3 space involves not just technological advancements, but also a deep understanding of the principles that underpin this transformative ecosystem. The crypto world eagerly anticipates how Friend.tech’s next moves will shape its future within this dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape.

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