Forward Protocol Progress: What to expect in 2022?

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  • Forward Protocol partners with Africarare and Tokenova after successful IBO. 
  • The project is expanding metaverse partnerships. 
  • Founders expect to bring billions of new users in the blockchain space in 10 years. 
  • The platform will launch in 2022, along with 18 new partnerships. 

It’s an understatement to say that 2021 was a great year for blockchain and crypto adoption. Blockchain and crypto projects in 2021 raised more funds than all the previous years combined. Forward Protocol is one such project that stood out this year. The project creates a platform that allows users to deploy their applications on the blockchain without any coding or technical expertise. 

The founders call Forward Protocol the WordPress for Web 3.0, as users can access and launch ready-made blockchain tools in a drag & drop interface. It’s a low-cost, fast, and easy approach to blockchain adoption for businesses across any industry. 

There’s no doubt that Forward Protocol brings a revolutionary idea to the blockchain space by addressing the main concerns of wider blockchain adoption. But how well is the project tracking as we’re about to end 2021? 

A successful IBO launch for $FORWARD

The IBO for Forward Protocol’s native token FORWARD took place on the MahaStarter platform, a launchpad for decentralized economy. The IBO was a huge success on December 14th, as the FORWARD token was sold out in 13 seconds in the public pool. The project raised  $100,000 in the IBO. 

Forward Protocol

The SHO (strong holder offering) on the venture capital platform DAO Maker was also a huge success. A record 29.6 million DAO was staked as the FORWARD token reached 29.2 million. 

Forward Protocol joins the African metaverse project ‘Africarare’

Forward Protocol positions itself as a project that will make metaverse and web 3.0 adoption easy and convenient for every user. The project has recently partnered with SingalarityU, an empowering network connecting innovative changemakers across Africa. Through this partnership, the project wants to create a way for millions of skilled developers, entrepreneurs, and content creators across Africa to enter the blockchain space. 

The project has partnered with Africarare, a 3D VR experience platform on Ubuntu land. Africarare allows users to experience African art through an immersive VR gallery. Users can buy and trade 3D lands in this metaverse platform and use them in various virtual experiences such as games and VR exhibitions. 

Once a user owns these metaverse lands, they can create different applications on top of it. This is where Forward Protocol comes in with its ready-made, customizable blockchain tools and smart contracts that will make it easier for users to create and deploy applications on top of the Africarare lands. 

Partnership with blockchain investment firm Tokenova

After the successful IBO launch, Forward Protocol’s partnerships continue to grow, adding great value to the project heading into 2022. The project recently partnered with the crypto venture capital firm Tokenova to leverage its wide range of resources. 

Tokenova has a vast network of crypto and blockchain projects in development, research resources, and analytical materials. The Forward Ecosystem will become more efficient through Tokenova’s advisory services and industry experience. Both Tokenova and FORWARD share the vision for Web 3.0 adoption. 

Tokenova loves innovation, and Forward Protocol is innovative

Mitch Rankin, Co-Founder of Forward Protocol

Revolutionary ideas behind the FORWARD project 

In a recent AMA session, Forward Protocol founders Mr KEY and Mitch Ranking shared a clear vision and project goals. As the founders shared, the project’s main goal is to make blockchain adoption simple and accessible for everyone. Mr KEY mentioned, Forward Protocol will remove the complexity of blockchain adoption so that anyone who wants to put something they like on the blockchain can do it without any complications. 

The founders shared that user transactions will be gasless, or with zero fees. This is achieved by transferring the gas fees to the end customers, just like conventional GST in retail. For example, when users deploy their application directly using the Forward Protocol platform, they don’t pay any gas fees. The fees are rather shared by the consumer community who benefits from the application.  

Blockchain adoption benefits almost every business, whether in retail, music, entertainment, education, or any other industry. By eliminating the middleman and intermediaries, blockchain adoption can streamline transactions and profits. The Forward Ecosystem enables every business and entrepreneur in a WordPress-like no-code and low-cost environment

Forward Protocol Founders Interview

What to expect from the project in 2022?

2022 will be a critical year for Forward Protocol. The project is looking forward to achieving major listings for its native token on popular exchanges like Pancakeswap before this year ends. Next year will be all about the successful launch of the platform itself. 

The project aims to achieve 18 new partnerships in 2022, with the launch of its smart contract tools and dedicated payment system ‘’Forward Pay’’. There is massive community support behind the project, as more than 100,000 members are actively engaging with the project on its social media platforms. 

Recently launched is the Meme Contest.

This meme contest is open to every community member, and as a community committed to transparency, let’s run through the rules of participation.

  • Starts — 22/12/21, 03.00 pm UTC
  • Ends — 29/12/21, 03.00 pm UTC

Memes must also fulfill the following criteria to be considered valid entries –

  • Memes should be unique and must be your creation. Stolen memes will not be tolerated.
  • Applications should be Forward-related. This folder contains brand resources that you can use in your memes.
  • Winners will be selected according to uniqueness, humor, creativity, and skill.
  • Entries must be submitted on our Discord channel “Meme Contest” to be considered valid.

Forward Protocol will be in the limelight in 2022, as more developments with top-notch partners revolutionize the entire Blockchain industry. Keep watch and be informed of the coming TGE (Token Generation Event). Know more about the Tokenomics here.

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