Forward Protocol partners with heavy metal icon Shavo Odadjian

Forward Protocol

TL;DR Breakdown: 

  • Upcoming blockchain project Forward Protocol announces partnership with Shavo Odadjian.
  • Shavo is an iconic musician and a key member of the legendary heavy metal band SOAD.
  • This partnership will help Forward Protocol to promote wider blockchain adoption in the art industry.
  • Token Sale will take place on December 13th and 14th on the MahaStarter and DAO maker platforms respectively.

The upcoming blockchain project, Forward Protocol is creating a lot of excitement around the industry. Earlier this week, the project announced that it has raised $1.25 million in two funding rounds. Forward Protocol is also forming partnerships with industry-wide organizations and brands. On Friday, the project announced a new partnership with Shavo Odadjian, the bassist and a key member of the popular heavy metal band System Of A Down (SOAD). Shavo is known for his creative works in the music industry across multiple genres, such as heavy metal, alternative rock, hip hop, and hard rock. 

With this partnership, Forward Protocol will aim to reach the wider music industry, and allow artists and record labels to integrate blockchain applications with creative arts. Blockchain can address some of the biggest challenges faced by the music industry today. A decentralized and transparent platform can ensure that Musicians receive equal royalty payments. Blockchain integration can also allow live event hosts to prevent counterfeit tickets. There’s also massive scope for Musicians to promote their work and increase their reach through NFTs. Decentralized applications can potentially change the way musicians release their music. It can remove expensive the middle man between artists and the audience. 

Forward Protocol addresses these opportunities and provides an environment where artists, businesses, education providers, and virtually anyone can create blockchain applications and tools without any coding or technical knowledge. The partnership with Shavo Odadjian will definitely help the project to promote blockchain adoption more effectively to the wider music industry. 

Why Forward Protocol is exciting? 

Forward Protocol provides a great premise for wider blockchain adoption, regardless of which industry you’re in. By this point in 2021, almost everyone knows about the potential of blockchain technology. However, the technical expertise you need to integrate your business into the blockchain is very limited, and thus very expensive. 

This is where Forward Protocol steps in. It gives users access to a WordPress-like environment, where businesses can integrate customizable blockchain tools using simple drag and drop. The Forward framework gives users access to customizable smart contract templates. There’s also scope for developers to join the platform and create their own templates and get paid when businesses use them. 

Forward Protocol also introduces the crowd-funding model to blockchain networks through IVO (Initial Value Offering) smart contracts. IVO creates a solution for creators like musicians, developers, and education provides. These are the people who need to invest a lot of money and time into their products without the guarantee that the products will become popular enough to get profits. IVO potentially saves investments when a product on the blockchain doesn’t receive potentially profitable awareness. 

All transactions and activities on Forward Protocol will be conducted through its native token, $FORWARD. The IBO (Initial Blockchain Offering) will take place on MahaStarter on December 14, at 3:00 PM UTC. Each FORWARD token will be priced at $0.005 during the IBO.

The SHO (Strong Holder Offering) will take place on DAO Maker on December 13th, at 12:00 PM UTC. The Community Round is already live, where there will be 50 lucky winners of $100 allocations. Users can participate by registering their interests here.

The project takes a massive leap into Web 3.0 and promises an exciting low-cost and low-effort adoption to blockchain for businesses and content creators. 

Mohammad Shahid

Mohammad Shahid

An IT and Cybersecurity graduate with specialized knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain, Mohammad joins the Repo elite team. He has worked on several blockchain development projects and is an enthusiastic crypto trader.

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