Forward Protocol succeeds in raising $1.25M, slated for Web 3.0 Toolkits for a cost-effective economy

Forward Protocol Raises Million
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Panama City, Panama, 8th December 2021 — Forward Protocol has raised about $1.25 million in just about two successful funding rounds. The biggest investors in the funding rounds all belonged to the cryptocurrency/blockchain sectors and big player venture capitalist groups. Bitcoin, GDA Capital, AU21, X21, and CVVC were all the biggest investors who made such a huge fundraiser a success. 

The initial seed round of the fundraising raised about $500K; the next private round brought it $700K; the two rounds combined with raising enough capital to fund the development of its toolkits for building Web 3.0.

Karnika E. Yashwant, the co-founder of Forward Protocol, highlighted the importance of a value-driven economy for the future of blockchain and mentioned how the blockchain must be made non-technical person-friendly to make it more adaptable for the masses.

Besides those mentioned above, there is a long list of investors that have also invested in Forward Protocol. These include Magnus Capital, Basics Capital, MEXC, Polygon Studios, Stakez Capital, Master Ventures, Tokenova, IBC Group, Marathon Capital, and many more. These are amongst a long line of investors that pitched in for the Forward Protocols fundraising. Polygon was also amongst the chief investors that gave a grant.

Co-founder Mitch Rankin also stated that lowering the barriers to entry can help skyrocket the participation or adoption of blockchain in the future. He added that Forward Protocol is adoption-focused and will provide “open-source blockchain tools to enable any organization in any sector to use our toolkits to embrace Web 3.0 in a simple to use, drag and drop, no-code environment.”

What is Forward Protocol?

Forward Protocol operates on a WordPress-based model that requires no complex coding, which is easy to adapt to for users who do not have expertise on smart contracts or blockchain in general. In addition to this, the blockchain toolkits from Forward Protocol will provide access to a more value-driven economy.

Forward Protocol creates modular architecture, easy-to-use, and customizable smart contracts that make it easy for the masses to adopt blockchain. This modular design also enables its users to choose modules that are better aligned with their platforms and overall use. 

Forward Protocol also supports the idea of Initial Value Offering (IVO) for crowd-funding models over the blockchain. The blockchain’s financial applications allow Forward Protocol to make the best of this opportunity. The IVO allows users to begin their journey through safe and protected fundraising chances. It is also a safe starting point for creators looking for solutions for their new products. Most new creators are uncertain whether or not they have enough funding to make a profit after creating their product. That’s where the IVO saves the day for most of its customers. The IVO protects the funds of even its future buyers.

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