5 Strategic Partners Behind Forward Protocol’s Mass Adoption

Strategic Partners

The talk in blockchain circles is all about Forward Protocol after the ecosystem announced their two funding rounds raised $1.25 million. Even better, the team announced that Initial Blockchain Offering (IBO) and Strong Holder Offering (SHO) for their $FORWARD token would launch on DAO Maker and MahaStarter. You can read more about the public rounds here. 

Popular for being the WordPress for Web 3.0 apps that runs a smart contract model inbuilt with support for NFTs, DeFi, Social Tokens, and gamification, among other elements, Forward Protocol success is built on a number of strategic partnerships. With the Forward Protocol community still buzzing to the recent success, we decided to dive into some of the recent Forward Protocol partners driving its adoption.

DAO Maker and MahaStarter

This partnership will help launch the $FORWARD token, Forward Protocol’s native cryptocurrency, to the crypto world. Forward Protocol recently announced that DAO Maker and MahaStarter will host the $FORWARD token sale on 14th December. 

DAO Maker creates SaaS solutions for upcoming startups, making it an ideal launchpad for $FORWARD token. More so, the DAO Pad makes DAO the ideal platform to launch Forward’s SHO – eligible DAO holders can participate in fundraising. 

On the other hand, MahaStarter, MahaDAO’s bot-free launchpad for incubated projects, will host Forward’s IBO exposing $FORWARD token to MAHA stakers. 

ArGoApp Protocol

ArgoApp offers secure decentralized hosting for applications that need to be deployed on blockchain ecosystems without writing any new code. Besides, the protocol supports a Web 3.0 based interface, making it the ideal platform for DeFi, NFT, and dApp developers. 

Forward Protocol’s partnership with ArgoApp will allow Web 3.0 app developers in the DeEd Space to seamlessly integrate their apps with Forward Chain.


AcknoLedger’s growing reputation in advancing Web 3.0 blockchain technology is unmatched. The platform works as a ledger that maps and monetizes Web 3.0 assets across marketplaces and Metaverses, enabling interoperability.

Its partnership with Forward will allow easier digital asset management within the Forward ecosystem. Besides, platforms deployed on the Forward Chain will be able to easily monetize their assets, which is key for mass adoption.


Forward Protocol also recently entered into a strategic partnership with Leyline. Known for its Proof of Good consensus that leverages blockchain power to reward acts of social good, Leyline provides an ecosystem that helps blockchains focus on social impact. 

Forward Protocol is looking to simplify the adoption of blockchain by social impact organizations with its smart contract model. The collaboration with Leyline will help diversify Forward Protocol’s Proof of Value framework even further.

Master Ventures

Master Ventures is a venture studio at the forefront of global blockchain adoption. The company helps next-generation startups in the blockchain space scale up by offering timely funds and visionary ideas. MV’s portfolio contains big hitters such as Ripple, CoinBase, and Kraken, among other platforms.

Forward’s partnership with Master Ventures will see the protocol receive financial support and expertise to promote blockchain adoption in the EdTech space.

Forward Protocol has already announced their $Forward token launch set for 14th December on DAOmaker and MahaStarter. Follow Forward Protocol on social media to stay up to date with the latest news:

Jasmine Georgia

Jasmine Georgia

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