Mysterious Forbes Article Sparks Speculation in XRP Community


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  1. A puzzling Forbes article predicted XRP’s price at $59,472, but it was quickly removed, leaving the community baffled.
  2. AI chatbots Bing and Bard confirmed the article’s existence, but its reasons for removal remain undisclosed.
  3. Forbes’ history of endorsing XRP optimism and sponsorship by a crypto firm add layers of intrigue to the story.

An intriguing article on Forbes has caused recent ripples in the XRP community. Titled “The Emerging XRP: A Future at $59,472,” the article ventured into audacious territory by making bold predictions price of XRP. However, the article’s short-lived presence on the Forbes platform, followed by its unexplained removal, has led to questions about its legitimacy and the motives behind its disappearance.

Revelation from Microsoft Bing

Forbes 1
Forbes 1

Microsoft’s Bing chatbot has shed light on the existence of this perplexing article, providing some intriguing insights. Bing confirms that Forbes published an article with the exact title. However, the article was swiftly pulled from the platform soon after its release. This sudden removal, as reported by Bing, has ignited fervent discussions and speculations within the XRP community.

Google Bard’s take

Adding to the narrative, Google Bard, another AI chatbot, contributes a timeline to the story. According to Bard, Forbes featured the controversial article on September 21, 2023. Nevertheless, there is a lingering sense of doubt concerning this particular publication date. Bard’s account of the article’s content aligns seamlessly with Bing’s, emphasizing the audacious forecast that XRP would skyrocket to an astonishing $59,472.

The precise rationale behind Forbes’ decision to retract the article remains mysterious. The absence of a clear explanation has given rise to a spectrum of theories, with some suggesting it may be related to routine editorial practices. In contrast, others suspect potential legal or regulatory concerns. Forbes has opted for silence, providing ample room for speculation within the XRP community.

Forbes’ positive stance on XRP

A noteworthy aspect in this unfolding saga is Forbes’ consistent endorsement of a bullish outlook on XRP from its contributing writers. In the past, Sam Layman, a Forbes contributor, posited that the U.S. SEC may have underestimated the complexity of its legal battle against Ripple and XRP. Another Forbes report, penned by contributor Billy Bambrough, pointed out that XRP had outperformed Bitcoin over a seven-day period, attributing this achievement to the unwavering confidence in Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse.

It is interesting to note that Google Bard’s response revealed that the contentious article had financial backing from a cryptocurrency investment firm. Forbes typically upholds stringent policies pertaining to paid content, casting a veil of intrigue over the circumstances surrounding the article’s creation and subsequent withdrawal. A sponsor’s involvement adds an extra layer of complexity to the narrative.

A pivotal consideration is the uncertainty enveloping the latest report. Both Bard and Bing cited an informal news source that, in turn, cited AI chatbots. It is imperative to underline that these chatbots draw their results from web searches and should not be regarded as the definitive authority on the issue. This underscores the need for vigilance when interpreting information from such sources.

Irrespective of the article’s authenticity, the prognosis that XRP could surge to $59,472 raises eyebrows. Given its current valuation of $0.5085, achieving such an astronomical escalation would necessitate an extraordinary rally of 11,695,475%. While the idea of such a price surge is captivating, it is vital to approach it with a discerning eye.

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