Fokawa seeks to please customers after announcing native crypto token

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• Fokawa crypto platform talks about its FKW project
• FKW, the company’s native crypto, can be traded from any Exchange

After about five years in operation, the Fokawa developers renewed their system by bringing a couple of new features. The crypto ecosystem changed its way of working, security, and commercial tools to the user’s liking. The firm is happy to talk about its native crypto, FKW, which promises to be a cutting-edge project.

Fokawa’s crypto platform works under the Tron network, whose technology offers simplified transactions. Within the web, fans can trade tokens such as Tron, Bitcoin, BinanceCoin, and Ethereum.

FKW hits the crypto-market


With over a decade in operation, the crypto market has collected around eight thousand tokens, and the list continues to grow as new technologies are launched. Project Fokawa’s native crypto promises to innovate the market under a network based on Tron, the 26th-ranked token in the crypto market according to CoinMarketCap.

Some details available from FKW indicate that the crypto complies with the commercialization of about 10 thousand billion units. However, only 10 percent of the holding will be open to the initial offer.

Seventy percent of the token will be sent to various projects, including community gifts, the work team, and the firms associated with the scheme. Only 10 percent will be available for legal payments and the remainder for a compensation project. According to reports, FKW will serve as any other crypto, so it is easy to exchange Bitcoin or other tokens that the investor has.

Fokawa talks in-depth about his crypto FKW


The Fokawa crypto platform talks about the supply that FKW has and its distribution, and how the token can be held. The manager clarifies that FKW will not only be available on its dedicated platform but also on any crypto exchange that works with Tron, such as Sunswap.

The Fokawa manager will also seek to take FKW to other exchanges before March 2023. Meanwhile, the company will seek to schedule meetings with the major trading firms for 2024. The manager’s expectations in Fokawa are high. They hope to have about a thousand collaborators in online casinos and about 100 thousand partners that operate in the crypto market.

Although the team’s plans in the crypto ecosystem sound very ambitious, they may achieve it knowing how much the decentralized market has grown. For years to come, FKW could represent that bridge between online gambling and cryptocurrencies in which many enthusiasts seek to get involved.

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