EvilVEvil Set to Launch on July 16 for PC and Consoles

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  • EvilVEvil introduces cooperative vampire action to PC and consoles on July 16.
  • Up to 3 players can team up as powerful vampires with unique abilities and customize their weapons.
  • EvilVEvil promises an “ultimate vampire power fantasy” with adrenaline-fueled battles against evil forces.

A new cooperative first-person shooter, EvilVEvil, will be released on July 16th for the PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. Toadman Interactive, the game’s developer, aims to create an adrenaline-fueled experience in which players take on the role of powerful vampires battling against the forces of darkness.

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EvilVEvil will be part of the Steam Next Fest, and the demo will be released on June 10. It will also be present in the Guerrilla Collective showcase on June 6th, when a new character trailer will be unveiled.

EvilVEvil Introduces Sinister Narrative

EvilVEvil introduces a narrative that revolves around a team of vampires who try to stop an evil villain, Zagreus, and his followers, who plan to do horrific things for the sake of the underworld powers. Every mission moves the players closer to the core of this conspiracy and a fight against something that threatens humanity. The narrative aims to create a thrilling atmosphere by presenting players with a story of evil forces of the supernatural kind.

The basic gameplay of the game is cooperative action, which allows a team of three vampires to go around and clear out enemies. Individual players who want to become the epitome of the ultimate warrior of the undead can also face the challenges alone. Customization options allow players to fine-tune the abilities and attributes of their vampire character, bring out the best and fix the worst aspects, and choose their unique abilities like those of an assassin, a berserker, or an arcanist.

Enhancing Gameplay with Dynamic Weapon Modifications 

EvilVEvil introduces guns from modern times to the tools of ancient vampires in order to help the team in their fights. Different guns for different jobs, such as rapid-fire submachine guns, accurate revolvers, and many others to suit different kinds of gameplay. Additionally, a versatile mod system lets players acquire new abilities, such as explosive shots and Vampiric health regeneration, to fine-tune the weaponry to the player’s liking.



Upcoming Showcase

Players will get to experience EvilVEvil before the release through a demo that will be available during Steam Next Fest, from June 10th to 17th. Further, a fresh character trailer for the game will be revealed at the Guerrilla Collective Online Showcase on June 6th.

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EvilVEvil aims to bring fun, fast-paced gameplay with a blend of supernatural abilities, a wide variety of characters, and a dark storyline to those willing to face the darkness. The early access opportunities provided by the Steam Next Fest and the Guerrilla Collective Online Showcase will give players a taste of what’s to come.

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