World of Warcraft Makes Huge Alterations to Cloak of Infinite Potential

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  • World of Warcraft’s new update increases the attribute cap for the Cloak of Infinite Potential.
  • The new hotfix raised the Cloak of Infinite Potential cap to 10 million from 200,000 stamina.
  • The new 10 million cap will apply to all stats on the Cloak of Infinite Potential.

World of Warcraft has significantly increased the attribute cap for the Cloak of Infinite Potential. The new hotfix raised the cap from 200,000 stamina to 10 million. The hotfix significantly increases power levels in the game. 

The latest hotfix allows players to experience a new angle to the World of Warcraft with enhanced acceleration levels. The increased Cloak of Infinite Potential allows players to accelerate the leveling, quickly unlocking more power.

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In this Mists of Pandaria Remix, players can experience the potential of the game through enhanced leveling capabilities. The Mists of Pandaria Remix event is currently available to players and will run until August 19th.

World of Warcraft Releases a Hotfix

The World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Remix released the Cloak of Infinite Potential hotfix. With the new update, players can attain massive strength in their leveling quest much quicker. The Cloak of Infinite Potential was initially capped at 200,000 before the hotfix. The enhanced 10 million cap will apply to all Cloak of Infinite Potential statistics (stats).

WoW players will certainly experience difficulties in achieving the 10 million cap. Previously, attaining the 200,000 cap was a huge challenge to many WoW players. The new updates have got players excited and rekindled the World of Warcraft community.

The short-lived event has amassed mixed reactions from fans of the game. Some players think Blizzard Entertainment is making multiple unnecessary changes to the short-lived (Remix) version of the game.

World of Warcraft Remix Event to End on August 19th

WoW players won’t have forever to play the exciting version of the game. The increased Cloak of Infinite Potential in the Mists of Pandaria Remix will end on August 19th, 2024. When the event ends, the players of World of Warcraft will be stripped of their progress, and the Cloak of Infinite Potential will be retired.

The Remix event has rejuvenated the WoW community with incentives. It has allowed WoW players to explore the game and take advantage of its advanced features.

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This World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Remix event has unlocked the WoW in multiple ways. Players are reportedly able to clear a World of Warcraft dungeon in less than a minute with the Monk class. Some players have also been able to smash the number cap on a Guardian Druid.

Players React to Remix 10 Million Cap Increase

Players on r/WoW have mixed reactions to the increased cap. Some think the increase is unnecessary, as the initial cap was already hard enough to attain.

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The ongoing World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Remix has sparked debate on the next possible release date for the next expansion. Players are anticipating the next expansion will be released shortly after August 19th.

Since the Remix event ends on August 19th, many players envision an almost immediate expansion release to keep them engaged after the exciting experience with the Remix edition.

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