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  • Prometheum is the first SEC-licensed platform for trading digital asset securities.
  • It managed to gain SEC approval despite having no available crypto protocols to trade.
  • Prometheum raised significant funding, including from a company linked to the Chinese Communist Party.
  • It plans to launch its blockchain and token but hasn’t specified their use cases.

Get ready to dive into the complex world of Prometheum, a Special Purpose Broker-Dealer (SPBD) that’s been making waves in the cryptosphere.

Serving as the first officially SEC-licensed platform for trading digital asset securities, Prometheum is taking center stage in the discussion of cryptocurrency regulation. Yet, the road to its current standing is as winding and intriguing as the blockchain technology that powers it.

Understanding the Prometheum phenomenon

Prometheum’s journey began in 2017, and it has since evolved into a platform that holds the golden ticket – the SEC’s approval for trading digital asset securities.

Unlike its well-known counterparts, Coinbase, Binance and the rest, which have been jousting with the SEC for years over regulatory issues, Prometheum secured the much-sought-after license, albeit without a clear path to apply it.

This victory didn’t happen overnight or without backing. Prometheum entered the fray with an impressive financial support, raising $15M in 2021 and totaling $48M from Wanxiang, a company founded by former senior Communist Party official Lu Guanqiu.

This financial influx has been accompanied by the incorporation of former SEC and FINRA staff, adding more credibility and inside knowledge to its ranks.

What’s the catch? Despite possessing the green light to trade digital asset securities, Prometheum currently lacks any cryptocurrencies registered with the SEC for trading on its platform.

So, while it has the theoretical ability to operate, the absence of available crypto protocols for trade leaves it in a peculiar standstill.

Prometheum’s story takes another intriguing turn with its connections. It has raised capital via “Network 1 Financial Services,” a broker believed to be affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party and sporting a less-than-transparent regulatory history.

Despite these unusual alliances and its trading quandary, Prometheum continues to champion its plans to build its blockchain and token, albeit with use cases yet to be defined. The company’s CEO, Aaron Kaplan, made a recent appearance at a congressional hearing about cryptocurrency.

Given Prometheum’s distinctive positioning within the regulatory landscape, Kaplan was able to voice the SEC’s argument for the adequacy of current regulation, even though his platform doesn’t trade BTC or ETH. The motive behind his invite was later clarified: The SEC wanted him there.

Seeking clarity: The Blockchain Association’s inquiry

The Blockchain Association, a respected industry representative, has requested information from the SEC about Prometheum’s regulatory status.

This move shows the industry’s dedication to working within established legal frameworks while promoting transparency and regulatory guidance for platforms like Prometheum.

The implications of this request are significant, as clarity from the SEC is vital for fostering innovation and enabling businesses to work within legal boundaries.

By interacting with regulators, the association is striving to bridge the gap between emerging technologies and existing regulation, providing an environment for blockchain-based platforms to thrive.

The outcome of this request will be pivotal in shaping the regulatory environment for blockchain technology and could pave the way for responsible innovation and wider collaboration within the industry.

If the SEC responds favorably, it will offer vital insights into how platforms like Prometheum can operate within the existing legal framework, fostering investor confidence and facilitating the broader adoption of blockchain technology in finance.

Disclaimer: The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decision.

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