Ethereum yields set to skyrocket in new crypto cycle


  • Ethereum (ETH) yields are expected to become more attractive as pressure on zero-yield bank deposits continues.
  • Investors are expected to move from U.S. Treasury money markets to Ethereum yields as the Ethereum yield economy becomes more mainstream.
  • Ethereum yields are denominated in ETH, a deflationary cryptocurrency, presenting a potential safeguard against fiat currency depreciation.

As the world grapples with the relentless squeeze on traditional banking yields, the digital universe presents an enticing alternative. Ethereum, a leading player in the cryptosphere, is set to witness a surge in yields, attracting attention from investors worldwide.

Ether yields outshining traditional deposits

The persistent pressure on zero-yield bank deposits shows no signs of abating. As a result, Ethereum yields are poised to become the new attractive destination for investors. Currently, investors are fleeing bank deposits for U.S. Treasury money markets.

However, as the Ethereum yield economy becomes more mainstream, analysts Gautam Chhugani and Manas Agrawal of Bernstein predict an upswing in demand for ETH deposits and ETH yields.

The duo emphasizes that in the “hierarchy of yields,” money market yields, particularly at peak rates, are typically the preferred choice for investors. However, these yields are denominated in U.S. dollars, a fiat currency base.

By contrast, Ethereum provides an innovative alternative with its yield denominated in ETH, a deflationary cryptocurrency, thus offering investors a potential safeguard against fiat currency depreciation.

Ethereum Ecosystem Activity Fuels Yield

A critical component driving ETH yields is the increasing activity within the Ethereum ecosystem. Retail and institutional investors alike are contributing to the expanding adoption of Ether, signaling a healthy growth trajectory for the platform.

Furthermore, Ethereum yields are linked directly to the ecosystem’s vibrancy, intensifying their attractiveness. The analysts from Bernstein propose that the impending crypto cycle will be dominated by yield considerations.

Traditional banking institutions accrue profits by withholding yields from savers, whereas Ethereum, they argue, shares its earnings with stakers without diluting its monetary policy.

The analysts further note that staking trends for Ether have exceeded expectations following the Shanghai upgrade, with around 15% of total ETH now staked, marking a 2% increase since the upgrade.

The top altcoin‘s price has experienced a bearish divergence sell signal on the daily chart from January 14 to May 13, resulting in a 17% crash in four weeks, which pushed ETH to $1,735. Despite not retesting the $1,705 support level, the price slipped below the $1,817 structure.

Potential for recovery

A recovery for ETH seems imminent, but investors are advised to wait for Bitcoin’s direction before diving into altcoins like ETH.

The $1,705 support level is an attractive accumulation point, but a dip into the daily FVG, extending from $1,478 to $1,563, is not out of the question. If Bitcoin’s price begins to recover, Ethereum might follow suit, potentially retesting the $2,028 mark.

However, a daily candlestick close below $1,478 would invalidate the FVG and the bullish thesis for Ether’s price. In such a scenario, ETH could slide down to $1,249.

As the financial landscape continues to evolve, Ethereum emerges as a promising front-runner in the race for high yields. As investors seek to navigate the shifting terrain, one thing is clear – the age of cryptocurrency yields has dawned, and Ether is leading the charge.

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