Ethereum Express launches mining and gambling solutions

Ethereum Express launches mining and gambling solutions

Ethereum Express will soon launch dedicated gambling and mining solutions. Dubbed as ‘out-of-the-box’, these two solutions will be first products from this community-driven decentralised ecosystem.

Additionally, the high-tech Ethereum Express demonstrated its technical prowess when it surpassed two hundred transactions per second. This number makes its thirty times more powerful than Ethereum itself. A feat shared by the industry’s top performers.

Ethereum Express mining and Gambling Solutions

The soon-to-be-launched products from Ethereum Express represent a diverse range of collaborations the company forged in recent times. The mining giant, Mining Express, partnered with Ethereum Express to create a platform that allows communication between the mining service provider and the end-user. This is ground-breaking in the crypto realm where every movement is anonymous. However, this does not compromise privacy but rather focuses on the connectivity between various stakeholders. Earlier, the same firms explored the operational mechanisms associated with blockchain.

The other much-anticipated product from Ethereum Express is related to the blockchain gambling realm. Notably, this ream is rarely discussed in the blockchain community. Ethereum Express framework will address the transparency factor in the gambling realm by making it more understandable. The product will aim to record the gambling transactions of a user and sort them with a blockchain mechanism. More than forty-eight thousand (48K) users across the globe will benefit from these products.

Ethereum Express Ecosystem growing amidst a slowdown

Real-world Ethereum Express systems will gain more popularity with these new products. The internal ecosystem will get more exposure and also acceptance amongst the users. Both products have real-world applications that affect the platform’s users in a multitude of ways.

Various business operations will also be able to take advantage of ETH coin’s diverse applications. Such a product portfolio will jointly serve the realm of gaming and mining. Such positive developments will define how Ethereum Express and its upcoming cryptocurrency will be developed in the blockchain environment.

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