Fidelity Digital Assets Europe division launched

Fidelity Digital Assets Europe division launched

Fidelity Digital Assets Europe operations will begin soon. The United States-based Fidelity Investment, a leading financial services company providing a multitude of financial solutions, has announced that it will enter the European market.

Fidelity Investment will create a whole new entity that will cater to its European clients. Institutional clients will enjoy a range of services, including trade execution and custody services. Besides institutions, the entity will also deal with Europe based hedge funds, market intermediaries and more. The company already has a long list of U.S. clients.

Investors were awaiting Fidelity Digital Assets Europe division

Tom Jessop of fidelity Investments says that ever since the company tasted huge success in the US market, it planned to enter Europe as well. The substantial interest displayed by the institutional community in the company’s products and services helped it grow faster.

He adds that the firm has helped traditional exchanges make the transition towards digital assets. The interest shown by prospective clients from the European Union and the U.K. will help create a strong foundation.

Fidelity Digital Assets Europe arm to offer similar services

Fidelity Digital Assets Europe will provide myriad services to its European clients as well. The range of services will focus on foundational solutions that will act as building blocks for these financial institutions.

Custody service will be the key amongst the services on offer. Institutions will get highly secure and compliant storage solutions. The firm will offer vaulted cold storage, cyber controls, and multi-level physical storage solutions.

Trade execution services will help the client undertake high-speed trades on a liquidity-rich platform. It will include its time-tested smart order router and internal crossing engine. Investment advisory services will also form part of the product portfolio. The firm will help institutions make the transition from conventional financial services to the realm of digital assets. Chris Tyrer will head the Fidelity Digital Assets Europe operations.

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