Ethereum developer goes into self social media exile after conflict

Afri Scheodon is among the core developers at the Ethereum blockchain and he has been under attack on the social media this weekend over a not so lightly taken comment.

Scheodon commented on Twitter past Thursday that he believes the latest blockchain protocol release Pokadot is delivering the results that the latest Ethereum upgrade Serenity must have provided to its respective blockchain.

Ethereum lovers, however, did not take this likely and started calling out the developer disappointed in the creation, he, himself is an integral part of, forcing him into a self-exile from social media. Twitterati and Redditors believe that his comments stands as a proof of “conflict of interest” since he is on the Ethereum core development team since late 2017.

On the other hand, Scheodon not only deleted his Twitter comment along with the comment that he was only trying to put his thoughts up for discussion instead of creating a controversy. This lead to Scheodon clearing his tweets from as far as June 2017 and announcing that he would be leaving social media.

In his tweet, he expressed that he would be unavailable from Twitter, Slack, Wire, Discord and Skype among the major social media platforms along with Reddit and Gitter.