Paxful is building the third school in #BuitWithBitcoin series

The Paxful foundation is building its third school in the series of built with Bitcoin schools in Rwanda. The organization is working to build the future of African children starting with Rwanda, whereas the organization aims to build 100 schools throughout the African continent.

Paxful happens to be a Bitcoin run marketplace where the founder and Chief Executive Officer decided to take up the responsibility to build 100 schools. Ray Youssef believes that

“the greatest boost to the emerging worlds possible, to invest in their young leaders.”

The foundation is working to build its third school whereas the first two schools are equipped with all the commodities a modern school has in the developed country along with the hired staff that would allow better growth in the communities.

The founder recently expressed that after the success of the first two schools the foundation is now looking to build several schools simultaneously to increase their effort and achieve the goal.

The organization aims to deliver a high standard of education in these countries that surpass the top level privately operated schools in these underdeveloped countries.