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Ethereum address accessibility has just increased many folds with the ETHSimple portfolio viewing solution for the network.

Bitcoin addresses are written in a human-friendly notation, the Base58Check, which actually made up of three parts. The first part is the prefix for the original payload that is to be delivered.

The original payload is written in hex notation and then the concatenation is run through your very own SHA 256 algorithm twice to produce a 32-bit result. This answer is then post-fixed to a checksum in order to know if the transmitted data has been transferred without electronic spikes being a nuisance.

It sure sounds like the address for a cryptocurrency such as Ethereum would be gibberish to us. Just like the IP addresses that were once used to access websites that were then replaced by URLs. If only someone would be kind to help out with the naming scheme.

Apparently, the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) has been trying to do just that while ETHSimple is on the front lines to make it happen on a level that is more simpler and user-friendly for there is no greater beauty than what simplicity has to offer.

Having a portfolio that, when searched for the domain names of, would pop up profile names. Ethereum names being browsed conveniently with, well, a browser seems pretty impressive-all without the need of a middle man. One such that is required when dealing with websites. The elimination of a third party means a more secure environment.

But what good is it to average Joe? Sure ENS is there for us but, hold on a second. It is more like a developer toolkit rather than on the go renaming your Ethereum domain searching Ethereum.

ENS surely does it all, but ETHSimple (if the name doesn’t give enough hints, I don’t know what will) is made to do all that the ENS does rather easily. A tap here and a swipe there is much more convenient than loading up a client that requires expertise.

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