Where to learn to use ETH smart contracts

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TL;DR Breakdown

  • ETH smart contracts are popular.
  • Smart contracts can do a range of tasks for businesses.
  • You can use our guide to learn about ETH smart contracts.

Where to learn to use ETH smart contracts

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Ethereum (ETH) smart contracts are the rave these days because they can allow you to do almost anything. The Ethereum blockchain is unique from Bitcoins because it has a higher capacity to do cooler things.

Bitcoins blockchain mostly processes transactions, it has one superpower like spiderman who can only really push out spider webs. Ethereum is like a superman who has super strength, can fly and shoot lasers out of his eyes.

Ethereums blockchain has been used to pay people’s salaries, set up mortgages, trade, store information, handle fake news as well as act as a streaming site. There are many uses to Ethereum to the point where it could be argued that Ethereum is a solution that could help Governments maintain the integrity of their elections.

Ethereum voting occurred in the US elections, and this was a far more secure way of voting. Ethereum could be a solution to better safeguard students’ information and promote remote learning in countries like Nigeria, where kids are being kidnapped.

Ethereum could even be a Covid 19 vaccine solution to help the vaccine company organize well with suppliers by storing information efficiently on the ETH blockchain. ETH has a lot of promise.

ETH smart contract powers

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The reason ETH can do so much is that its blockchain can store and process information. The ETH smart contracts can take in codes that tell it what to do.

The level of decentralized finance ETH operates with means it can be used alongside other modes of technology to do useful things. It is the smart contracts that enable ETH to be so influential.

Let’s explore the best way that you can learn how to use ETH smart contracts.


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There are plenty of affordable short courses available on the web ranging from £10 up to £60. The courses have people sharing their screens and audio. The teacher explains how you can create ETH smart contracts via the courses.

Udemy is an online platform with thousands of courses and a few courses on learning the language of smart contracts, building apps on the Ethereum blockchain, and putting together your ETH smart contracts. There are even game options.

You can even find courses on how to use the Ethereum blockchain on reed.co.uk practically. If you do not want to pay for anything, there are free ways to learn.


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There are many videos on YouTube with at times over 100,000 views and hundreds of thousands of views. Some of the videos are short videos that last less than ten minutes some are just less than 30 minutes.

Some more detailed videos stretch to two hours. It really depends on the type of learner you are what approach works best for you.

Our Guides

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Explore the world of ETH with our guide, which is a deep dive into what ETH is and all the ways you can get the most from it. There are loads of different ways to manipulate the ETH network for a money-making venture.

It is essential to not miss out on ETH.

The possibilities for ETH are endless, it is not a question of can you create with ETH, the question is, will you?

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