Energy Emerges as Most Crowded Sector in the US


  • According to Citi analysts, energy beats AI and tech as the top-crowded sector in the US.
  • Citi warns that price momentum, the leading factor, might underperform in the next few months.
  • Investors should diversify portfolios to manage risks amid shifting market dynamics.

In a recent note to clients, Citi analysts have highlighted a significant shift in investment trends, identifying energy as the most crowded sector in the United States. This revelation comes amidst ongoing discussions surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on various industries.

Citi’s findings on sector crowding

Citi’s analysis underscores energy dominance within the investment landscape, surpassing even the highly touted AI and technology sectors. According to the investment bank, price momentum has emerged as the top-performing factor across multiple regions in the current year, solidifying its status as the most crowded quantitative factor in the US market.

However, the analysts cautioned against excessive optimism regarding price momentum, citing historical data indicating a subsequent underperformance trend in the following 1-6 months. This warning suggests a potential shift in market dynamics that investors need to consider.

The energy sector surpasses tech in crowdedness

Contrary to the prevailing narrative surrounding AI and tech stocks, Citi’s research reveals that energy has overtaken these sectors as the most crowded US. Despite the spotlight on technological innovation and disruption, investors have shown a heightened interest in energy-related assets, marking a notable departure from conventional investment preferences.

Moreover, while tech remains the most crowded sector in Asia, it occupies a relatively mediocre position in the US and Europe, according to Citi’s analysis. This discrepancy underscores regional variations in investment patterns and highlights the nuanced nature of global market dynamics.

Implications for investors

The findings from Citi’s analysis hold significant implications for investors navigating the current market landscape. With energy emerging as the most crowded sector, investors must exercise caution and carefully evaluate their investment strategies to mitigate potential risks associated with overcrowding.

Furthermore, the warning regarding price momentum underscores the importance of adopting a diversified approach to investment rather than solely relying on momentum-driven strategies. By diversifying their portfolios and incorporating a mix of sectors and factors, investors can potentially mitigate the impact of market fluctuations and enhance long-term returns.

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