EarthCycle (ECE) Coins: Delivering Sustainable Development Through Blockchain Technology

Poverty and lack of available decent jobs are just a few of the key issues in many of the marginalized economies worldwide. In order to address the structural issues that has been holding back the progress on sustainable development in these affected countries such as parts of Africa, Western Asia, and Latin America, Earth Nation has released the ECE coins which would utilize the power of blockchain technology and backed by the exponential growth rate of global business revenues.

Earth Nation is committed to using 100 percent of the profits from ECE to invest in profitable businesses that should solve systemic issues, speed up the realization of a clean and green planet with its happy inhabitants.  Further, profits from these businesses will also be reinvested into other businesses and return all the profits in real blockchain transparency.

Dakota Kaiser delivers an in-depth solution to long-term issues through Earth Cycle and Earth Nation.  Starting July 1st to the 31st, ECE Coins are in pre-sale. During this period ECE Coins are priced at $0.76 USD each or $0.72 equivalent each for orders more than 10,000 coins.

After the Coin’s pre-sale has ended, ECE coin prices will increase to $0.080 and will rise by $0.03 every 7 days until the of its ICO February 1st, 2019.

Currently, EarthCycle has an excellent lineup of 4 businesses that have been operating profitably in the last 2-25 years. These have been producing 30% to over 100%  annual returns. EarthCycle businesses are helping out with major problems worldwide and ready to scale from 41 facilities to hundreds of facilities in the next 2 years. They have 50% to 80% ownership of all facilities funded by EarthCycle.

Franchise-like businesses with a tremendous return on investment – between 25% to 70% annually are the keys to solving global problems on a faster rate as it can propagate widely and quick.


EarthCycle (ECE) Coins: Delivering Sustainable Development Through Blockchain Technology


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