Dubai Assembly Unites Global AI Experts in Sheikh Hamdan’s Visionary Initiative

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  • Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed reaffirms Dubai’s commitment to embracing AI entrepreneurs and innovators on a global scale.
  • The final stage of the DCAI accelerator programme at AREA 2071 attracts startups from 55 countries, fostering innovation in government services and media.
  • Dubai pledges to lead in testing and implementing AI across vital sectors, reinforcing its commitment to worldwide innovation.

In a demonstration of Dubai’s unwavering commitment to technological advancement, Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai, engaged with participants of the Dubai Centre for Artificial Intelligence’s (DCAI) accelerator programme. The meeting, held at the visionary AREA 2071 at Emirates Towers, showcased Dubai’s dedication to providing a fertile ground for AI entrepreneurs and innovators worldwide.

The AI experts present represented 30 startups from diverse corners of the globe, actively participating in the final stage of the recently launched DCAI accelerator programme. As Sheikh Hamdan toured AREA 2071, he emphasized Dubai’s long-standing belief in offering the optimal platform for innovators to create impactful products and solutions with global relevance.

Dubai’s embrace of entrepreneurship and AI innovation

Sheikh Hamdan highlighted Dubai’s transformation into a destination for business success and excellence, attributing this success to a combination of necessary elements, including a robust technological and legislative framework. He asserted that Dubai, over the past five decades, has mastered the domain of designing the future—a feat integral to the emirate’s inspiring success story and its world-leading development model. Today, Dubai stands as an international testbed for ideas, concepts, innovations, tools, and programs, including promising AI technologies that serve humanity.

The Crown Prince emphasized Dubai’s commitment to staying abreast of the latest future trends, positioning the city as an attractive destination for talents, entrepreneurs, innovators, and creative minds in crucial sectors of the future, especially AI. Highlighting the broad applications of AI within the economy, education, and healthcare sectors, Sheikh Hamdan expressed Dubai’s dedication to enhancing these spheres through AI technologies, aligning with the overarching goal of becoming a global hub for creating a better future for humanity.

AREA 2071 as a crucible for AI innovation

AREA 2071 is currently hosting the final stage of the DCAI accelerator programme, bringing together startups from countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Egypt, Pakistan, Italy, Lebanon, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, and the UAE. These startups, selected from a pool of 615 companies from 55 countries, are collaborating with various Dubai government entities over an eight-week period. The objective is to develop innovative solutions and applications utilizing AI tools, particularly focused on government services and media and communications.

The DCAI, launched by Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed, aims to support government agencies in Dubai in effectively harnessing future technologies for upcoming transformations in vital sectors. The programme also aims to train 1,000 government employees from over 30 entities on the applications of AI, contributing to the overall productivity enhancement of government employees. In addition, the initiative involves launching pilot projects and improving government services through AI applications.

Dubai assembly for generative AI to unite global AI experts

Looking ahead, Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed announced the Dubai Assembly for Generative AI, scheduled from October 11-12, 2023, at the Museum of the Future and AREA 2071 at Emirates Towers. The assembly aims to bring together ministers, officials, CEOs, experts, policymakers, investors, academics, and emerging technology companies. The ultimate goal is to underscore the importance of adopting AI tools for the improvement of government and private sectors. The assembly marks another milestone in Dubai’s journey toward becoming a global leader in AI innovation and application.

In a bid to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange, the Dubai Assembly for Generative AI will serve as a platform for extensive discussions, partnerships, and the sharing of insights. This initiative solidifies Dubai’s commitment to facilitating dialogue among key stakeholders, pushing the boundaries of AI innovation for the collective betterment of government and private sectors worldwide.

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