DraftKings plans to accept crypto payments in Bitcoin


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• Interface for bettors succeeds with 1 year in the NFT market, now looking to use crypto-payments
• General manager at DraftKings wants to deepen crypto adoption

Recently the web platform for sports bettors, DraftKings, spoke about possible participation in the crypto-market. This is due to the slight increase in crypto adoptions where various entities in the United States seek to benefit from the industry.

According to reports, DraftKings would use cryptos as payment due to its transparency in operations, flexibility, and low commission rates that undoubtedly attract people. Crypto trading has been popular for over a decade, offering its decentralized scheme. The technology is also broad enough to get involved in video games, virtual auctions, and the gambling world.

Crypto trading and sports betting


DraftKings, known in the United States as an excellent platform for sports bettors, takes its first steps in the crypto industry by accepting virtual transactions. But the firm has been venturing into the NFT market for some time, which in its opinion, has been a good decision.

Jason Robins, CEO of the website, believes that DraftKings has what it takes to break into the trade. Robins points out that the firm has enough experience in the industry, taking 1 year in NFT auctions as a reference, to enter virtual commerce.

Following these developments, the betting platform excitedly announces that people can now play using Bitcoin. It opens space for payments with the token and the withdrawal of funds.

In July last year, the betting interface launched its service dedicated to star Tom Brady’s NFTs. This would leave it as the only website promoting sports-based non-fungible tokens.

The CEO at DraftKings is hopeful for the crypto-market


The General Manager at DraftKings, Jason Robins, is eager to participate in the crypto market. One could even say he is hopeful about his developments in the interface. However, Robins accepts that the virtual scheme has its challenges, both from a regulatory perspective and due to the volatility that cryptos present. To this is added the battle that the judicial bodies have had over betting websites and how cryptos will adapt to this scenario.

Robins indicates that crypto trading is going through a rough road due to the lack of information and the scams. However, crypto adoption is increasing, decreasing people’s fear of these new projects.

Research indicates that SMEs, small and medium-sized businesses from Germany, the United States, Canada, Singapore, Brazil, and Ireland would be doing everything possible to accept crypto-payments. To be more exact, VISA believes that over 23 percent of SMB businesses seek to use Bitcoin as payment. These advances in technology could be present during these years.

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