Dogecoin Price: varies below $0.00226

Dogecoin price sketches its graph between the $0.00216000 and $0.00228000 levels with repeated price-jumps on December 8.

Dogecoin/US Dollar Analysis for December 8

Dogecoin Price Chart

Price Chart by TradingView

Dogecoin started its journey on December 8 with a price mark of $0.00218000, following which it shot above $0.00224000 and started drawing variations between the $0.00216000 and $0.00224000 levels. Here, the cryptocurrency sought its daily-low of 0.00215489 US dollars, after which it saw a few bulls and traced its lows at $0.00218000 and its highs above the 0.00226000 US dollar price mark. The Dogecoin/USD pair continued in this range until it reached December 9, where its lows slipped back towards $0.00216000.

Currently, Dogecoin trades at 0.00217842 US dollars.

Dogecoin Price: Technical Indicators


Dogecoin Price Chart by TradingView

The cryptocurrency’s Relative Strength Index has showcased several instances on December 8 where Dogecoin was overbought, while it also shows that the RSI had reached values as low as 10.34. This shows that Dogecoin has been oversold during its 24-Hour journey, as depicted in the price analysis. Both of the technical indicators, the 20-Day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) and the 50-Day Moving Average (MA) have lied in the green region (above Dogecoin’s current trading value) for most of the price analysis. The EMA closes at $0.00221951, while the MA concluded the day at $0.00221440.

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