Dogecoin founder’s humorous Twitter entry revealed in new year exchange


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  • Dogecoin founder joined Twitter due to demands, stayed.
  • Tiffany Fong’s crypto Twitter journey inspires resilience.
  • New Year greetings on Twitter celebrate crypto unity.

In a recent Twitter exchange, Billy Markus, the founder of Dogecoin, known by the pseudonym “Shibetoshi Nakamoto” on the platform, disclosed the intriguing reason behind his entry into the world of Twitter in 2020. 

The conversation was initiated by crypto crime reporter Tiffany Fong, who shared her personal journey and how the crypto community on Twitter played a pivotal role in her life.

Dogecoin founder’s unique reason for joining Twitter

In response to Fong’s story, Billy Markus, the original creator of Dogecoin, decided to share his own journey within the crypto community on Twitter. Markus disclosed that he joined Twitter in 2020 for an entirely unique and somewhat comical reason. His entry into the world of Twitter was prompted by a continuous stream of demands from crypto enthusiasts urging him to “cap Dogecoin.”

Despite the initial motivation to address these persistent requests, Markus found himself sticking around on the platform for reasons that extended beyond this initial plea. His continued interaction with the crypto community brought about meaningful connections and discussions, ultimately keeping him engaged on Twitter.

In the spirit of the new year, Markus conveyed his warm wishes to Tiffany Fong, reciprocating the well-wishes she had shared with the crypto community. His unexpected journey on Twitter reflects the unpredictability and diversity of experiences within the crypto space.

Crypto community extends new year greetings

Tiffany Fong’s journey and Billy Markus’ unique reason for joining Twitter sparked a wave of New Year greetings and heartfelt messages within the crypto community on the platform. Twitter users from the crypto world came together to celebrate the support and resilience that characterizes their community.

Fong’s ability to overcome initial setbacks and find solace within the crypto community resonated with many, serving as a reminder of the shared experiences and challenges faced by those involved in the crypto space. The outpouring of positivity and well-wishes exemplifies the tight-knit and supportive nature of the crypto community on Twitter.

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