Dogecoin Developer Raises Alarm Over Huobi’s Financial Health

Dogecoin Developer Raises Alarm Over Huobi's Financial Health

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  • Mishaboar, a prominent Dogecoin developer, advises users to withdraw DOGE from Huobi amidst rising concerns over the exchange’s solvency.
  • Discrepancies arise between Huobi’s on-chain data and its audited USDT holdings, leading to questions about the reliability of the proof-of-reserves concept.

In a recent and unexpected turn of events, Mishaboar, a leading developer and advocate for Dogecoin (DOGE), has issued a stark warning to the crypto community. He has urged Dogecoin holders to take the circulating rumours about Huobi, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, seriously and to promptly withdraw their DOGE holdings. This development has sent ripples across the crypto industry, prompting a re-evaluation of widely accepted practices and the trustworthiness of crypto exchanges.

Doubts Surrounding Huobi’s Proof-of-Reserves

The crux of the matter lies in the concept of proof of reserves. Historically, crypto exchanges have leaned on this concept as a testament to their financial strength, aiming to instill confidence in their investors and users. The idea behind proof-of-reserves is simple: it serves as evidence that an exchange has the funds it claims to possess, thereby ensuring that users can withdraw their assets whenever they wish.

However, Mishaboar’s recent statements have cast a shadow over the reliability of this practice. The Dogecoin luminary contends that while proof-of-reserves is a commendable step towards transparency, it might not always provide a comprehensive view of an exchange’s financial situation. In essence, relying solely on this metric might lead to a skewed perception of an exchange’s actual liabilities.

Mishaboar’s cautionary stance serves as a wake-up call for the crypto industry. It underscores the need for continuous refinement in the mechanisms that vouch for the security and credibility of crypto exchanges. In a sector that champions decentralization, innovation, and groundbreaking technology, it’s imperative to perpetually enhance the tools that bolster the trustworthiness of these platforms.

Discrepancies in Huobi’s Financial Data: A Deep Dive

The initial concerns regarding Huobi’s solvency were brought to light by Adam Cochran, a distinguished Fintech executive and a respected angel investor. Cochran’s apprehensions center around a glaring inconsistency between Huobi’s on-chain data and the figures presented in its “Merkle Tree Audit” concerning its holdings of the stablecoin Tether (USDT).

A closer look at the on-chain data reveals that Huobi’s assets amount to a mere $90 million. This figure starkly contrasts with the exchange’s audited claim, which boasts a whopping $630 million in USDT reserves. Such a vast discrepancy has inevitably led to a flurry of questions, with many wondering how an exchange can report such an extensive reserve of funds when on-chain data suggests otherwise.

Adding fuel to the fire is Huobi’s recent series of significant USDT sell-offs. The timing of these transactions is especially intriguing, coinciding with the debut of stUSDT, a new stablecoin spearheaded by Tron’s founder, Justin Sun. While the connection between these events remains speculative, the crypto community is abuzz with theories and concerns. In response to the swirling rumors, Justin Sun has come forward to quash any negative speculation. He remains unwavering in his commitment to the platform’s growth and success, dismissing the rumors as baseless.


The recent developments surrounding Huobi are a stark reminder of the complexities and challenges inherent in the crypto world. As the industry continues to evolve, it’s crucial for stakeholders, from developers to investors, to remain vigilant and informed. The onus is on exchanges and industry leaders to ensure transparency, trustworthiness, and the continuous refinement of practices that safeguard users’ assets and interests.

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