Does institutionalization marks the end of Nakamoto Bitcoin vision

Cryptocurrency experts recently discussed the apparent threat of institutionalization to Satoshi’s Vision. Andrew Robinson, the head of institutional coverage, Linda Wang and Katsu Kanno shared their beliefs as to why BTC being institutionalized would not necessarily mean an end for Nakamoto’s Dream.

Katsu Kanno said that the most important thing blockchain brings onto the table is its feature of decentralization network. He then added that the mastermind that created BTC wanted It to flourish and in time be implemented in the financial systems throughout the world. He also pointed that at this point crypto-currencies are not stable and in order to decrease price fluctuations Institutionalization must occur. He then stated that institutionalization is not necessarily a bad thing as it increases the fluidity of Bitcoin.

On the other hand, Linda Wang the co-founder of Lending Block said that with the passage of time a vision changes and that there is no reason to look at an outdated white paper aging ten years ago. She further stated that the code then was made to give solutions to the peoples’ problem and with the passage of time the problem changes, so the code must evolve too to deal with the profound developments. She finally said that institutionalization is the easiest solution to these problems and is helping BTC adapt to these times.

Andrew Robinson added that institutions not only help BTC evolve but also attract more investors into the fold by aiding the investors with the technology and providing technical assistance. These institutions also connect investors with the developers.