Dash price surges up to 0.87% before the drop

Unlike the bearish movement of the 10th, Dash price surged upwards on the 11th as the previous day closed. It reached it’s maximum by a percentage of 0.87 before falling down the same hill it climbed. 

Currently down by 0.22 percent, the Dash price was successful in its bullish reach upwards to consolidate gains at a higher level as compared to the weekend where the entire market was on the downward ladder.

1-Day Dash Price Analysis (DASH/USD)
dash price analysis graph 1

Dash Price Chart by Trading View

Indicated by the graph above, the 11th was coupled with an upsurge in an attempt to consolidate gains on a potential climb to the resistance levels. However, there was a steep gradient post-climb that resulted in the price falling below the baseline. This drop occurred for a short period before the price rose slightly upwards to trace the graph above the baseline, but only slightly.  The cost of Dash varied between $71.12 and $71.42, with a reduction to $70.15 and advancements to $72.28.

Technical Indicators

dash price analysis graph 2

Dash Price Chart by Trading View

The 11th movement showcases the bullish move, as mentioned above, in blue. This was followed a bearish run, which is identifiable in red. Thus, the 11th proved itself to be a productive day for Dash. It closed the day at $71.08 to lead to the then increasing price of the 12th. 

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) closed at 55.74, which only slightly hints the probability of a bullish surge upwards. Nevertheless, it followed a pattern upwards; therefore, the slight bullish momentum was in order.

The day resulted in a trading volume which ranged between $401.31M and $461.54M, with a seven-day simple moving average of $420.23M.

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