Dash price seeks recovery following +7.20% peak

The Dash price began the day with a steady movement in the price leading to a high which the currency had not seen in over a month. Eventually, the coin was stumped under the pressure of the market and slipped.  

Dash value has seemingly improved, and it appears as if intraday traders could be provided with a profitable close. Yesterday’s statistics indicated the price reaching a high of $73.5 and a low of $71.2.

1-Day Chart for Dash price (DASH/USD)

dash price graph 1

Dash price chart by Trading View

On the 4th of November, Dash began the day at $71.0697. Afterward, the coin noted a steady movement that moved the price to $74.2934. The acceleration was a percentage of 4.95. Dash price dropped to $73.0193, nearing the end-hours by a rate of 1.71. The intraday action in the coin displayed an increase of a percentage of 2.73 as it closed at $73.0193.

Today, Dash started with slight durability. The coin encountered a drawback that took the price down to $71.2236 by a percentage of 2.49. Latterly, the coin has started recovering. The price reached a high of $78.196 by a percentage increase of 7.20 before falling steeply. It has only picked up slightly to reach the current average of $74.231.

dash price graph 2

Dash price chart by Trading View

The 50-day Simple and 20-day Exponential Moving Average (SMA and EMA) appear to be moving side-by-side closing at $73.636 and $73.822 respectively.

Heightened momentum, trading volume, and Relative Strength Index (RSI) were all indicated at today’s peak of $78.196. Currently, the momentum has fallen to -0.387 and the RSI sits at 59.59.

According to the current trendline, for intraday traders, a profitable closing was expected and seen until the price fell.

Investors that are interested in Dash are advised to go for a long-term run as it would bring an immense amount of profit to the traders.