Dash price analysis: weak by 0.23%

Dash price fell victim to the bears over the 16th day of November. It displayed an overall bearish variation in trend throughout the day with only minor surges upward, continuing from the day prior

1-Day Dash Price Chart (DASH/USD)

dash price analysis chart 1

Dash Price Chart by Trading View

Indicated by the chart above, it is clear that the price remained unsteady, with variations stretching from $67.99 to $68.49. It fell to support zones multiple times, which aided the subsequent surge, only to fall back down once more. It is clear that the bears took over Dash. Most of the market activity had also occurred under the baseline, which, as shown above, was at the $67.86 mark. Giving off a strong sell signal, Dash has been down by 3.57 percent over the last seven days. This shows that the Dash value is struggling to reach resistance marks. The average cost remained between $68.22 and $68.24. 

Technical Indicators

dash price analysis chart 2Dash Price Chart by Trading View

As displayed above, the Dash value was majorly controlled by the bears, which is showcased in the red lines. Dash closed at the $67.98 mark after it had opened at the same value, thus resembling in shape to a flattened-U.

The total trade volume upon closing was precisely $51,000,510. The market capitalization displayed values between $624.62 million and $624.89 million, with a minimum level of $622.52 million and a maximum level of $627.18 million.

Upon closing, the Relative Strength Index pointed to a value of 49.70, which makes the next movements challenging to predict, but as the graph shows, it rose in value, thus tilting towards the bulls.

Featured Image by Anton Darius