DASH price analysis 23 May 2019; major rebound for the weekend

Just like yesterday was predicted, DASH surged below its current price and was swimming with the bears for a couple of hours. Nearly every single coin dipped in the last couple of hours and is now desperately trying to claw its way back up again.

The bear started very slowly when DASH started to crawl below the $164 price point and there was no major rebound in sight, but the bulls took full advantage of the $153-$149 dip.

Thanks to that small rush, we are now able to enjoy DASH at $153 price point. Looking at the chart, we can already see another bull rush forming as we speak.

DASH price analysis 23 may

DASH chart by TradingView

Thankfully, the major resistance level has already been passed. In the morning, it was at $150, but we’re long passed that now. Currently, DASH has the daunting task of surpassing the $160 resistance.

The rise is pretty much guaranteed, as DASH is definitely going to regain ground and reach $170 by the end of Summer 2019. But, before 2020 hits, DASH could even reach its all-time high at $550.

For the short term, however, it’s best to HODL the coin and wait for the bulls to do their job. Be careful of the $150 support level. If it is broken, then the coin will likely fall again to $149.