Dash price analysis 21 May 2019; massive returns ahead

Dash price analysis 21 May 2019; massive returns ahead

DASH is one of the only cryptocurrencies that managed to link the offline and the online world through its technology. The creation of such a platform, gives an opportunity to those without any knowledge of online transactions, mainly the population of Venezuela, where DASH is most popular.

Due to such an innovation, participation in DASH trading volumes is going to increase significantly. All that remains to happen is for the coin to abandon the Bitcoin peg, which every crypto is suffering right now.

The long-term predictions for DASh are positive no matter where you search for information, but how does the coin’s near future look like? Will it still follow the Bitcoin trend that every other coin is suffering from or will it remain frozen and shoot up within small time frames? Let’s find out.

Dash price analysis may 21

DASH chart by TradingView

The overall performance of DASH within the last 1 week is astounding, although most investors blame it on the newly formed Bitcoin hype. No matter how much we try to justify, it seems to be the most likely case.

No matter how much DASH struggles it is still going to remain in the frozen area before another major jump by Bitcoin. A similar situation can be seen with every other coin such as DOGE, ETH and EOS.

Currently, the main resistance level for DASH is the $170 mark. The mark has been broken around 4 times within the course of the last 5 days. The fifth breakthrough may form a nice bullish trend and keep propelling the coin upwards.

There are around 2 or 3 supporting prices at this point, one of which has already been crossed. $162, $164 and $166 will determine whether or not DASH can surpass our expectations.

However, at this point, it’s hard to look at DASH as a short-term investment, other, smaller coins are a much better option. However, when it comes to holding on to the coin for more than a year, then DASH can prove an ideal investment due to $1000 price point predictions by the end of 2020.

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Dash price analysis 21 May 2019; massive returns ahead
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