Dark web analysis: Interpol, S2W lab partner to track crypto transactions

Dark web analysis

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An alliance has been formed by the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) alongside the S2W lab, a startup in South Korea towards analyzing activities on the dark web and crypto transactions. This partnership was made known to the public by the startup after it signed a year contract with the organization.

The Korean firms made claims already that they have a large quantity of Dark web data and now own a dark web database. The startup uses artificial intelligence to carry out their dark web analysis and establish links among several domains and timeframes.

The firm also laid claims that they now possess patents as regards dark web analysis and crypto. The firms CEO Suh Sangduk highlighted that widespread use of crypto is a problem they face when reacting to cybercrime on the dark web. According to him, with the Interpol partnership now, they would be mandated to see that distributed ledger technologies (DLT) are put to good use.

Dark web analysis: S2W fights coronavirus

Following the S2W lab launch two years ago, the company developed ways of carrying out dark web analysis partnering with researchers from a technology university in Korea afterward, they recognized the formation of a black market for face-masks on the dark web. They managed to do this after carrying out dark web analysis on persisting keyword relevant to coronavirus across several darknet markets. Through this, they found out that 10-packs of face-masks where being sold for around $85 and $170 on top unknown marketplaces.

The firm also earlier this year identified personal information of over 2 million South Koreans leaked to the dark web.

Interpol’s solution to cryptojacking

Outside S2w lab, Interpol also in 2020 has managed to crack down vices by reducing the amount of Mikro Tik internet routers that have cryptojacking malware in South-East Asia significantly. The organization, after partnering Trend Micro, a cybersecurity firm, issued a cryptojacking Mitigation and Prevention guidance throughout the region.

Afterward, over 19,000 infected routers where restored.

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