CyrusOne hit by ransomware attack threatening over user data


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Texas-based CyrusOne has been attacked by a ransomware attack, as reported by ZDNet.

CyrusOne hit by a ransomware attack

CyrusOne, one of the largest data centers based in the US, was exposed to REvil ransomware, which has already struck numerous other networks. The attackers have conducted the attack to receive a ransom from the company. The attackers are calling the attack a business deal aimed at profiting.

The hackers have warned the service that they would lose affected data if they do not pay the ransom. The hackers are claiming that they possess the private keys for the data. CyrusOne has not yet revealed its plan of action and has not announced any details regarding the hack. However, the company’s spokesperson confirmed that the attack has occurred.

He stated that the company has observed that six of its managed service clients located in New York’s data center are facing problems due to a “ransomware program.” He stated that the ransomware attack is only affecting those networks, and other services such as their IX and IP services are unaffected by this attack. The attackers’ point of entry remains unknown.

The ransomware attack has already struck over 400 dentist offices in the United States as well as myriads of local administrations in Texas in August alone.

Earlier, FIA tech stated that the attack is trying to disrupt network activity to receive ransom from the data center provider. Although FIA did not mention the name of the data center provider, a quick search revealed it was them.

A source close to CyrusOne has revealed that the data providers are not going to pay the ransom.

Ransom attacks have become a common occurrence with most such attacks demanding crypto assets. Most recently a Spanish radio network was hit by a ransomware attack demanding 800,000 dollars in Bitcoin.

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