$ 1,149.99 2.63%
$ 35.74 4.70%
$ 0.067320 3.49%
$ 5.09 4.44%
$ 20,357.00 1.78%
$ 228.96 2.04%

How much would a $100 crypto buy in Jan 2021 be worth today?


TL; DR Breakdown

  • Crypto investments have been on the rise this year.
  • Many are pursuing them because of their high returns.

2021 has seen an explosion in crypto investments. The freedom and flexibility that come with their transactions have made them attractive.

One area where they’ve gained traction is in investments. For the crypto-conscious individual, they’re an alternative to traditional means of investing. 

Two major factors have led to this growth in digital assets investments. First, you needn’t have a significant financial outlay to get started; you can buy fractions of your desired assets.

The second is that they offer better returns than what traditional finance does. And the past year has proven that. 

So what would a $100 crypto investment in January fetch you today? To answer this question, we compare the top ten coins by market cap. The list doesn’t follow a particular order.

Disclaimer this isn’t investment advice. Cryptos can and have plummeted just as they’ve surged. Be sure you understand the risks of your investments in them before taking the plunge. 

How your $100 crypto buy would look today

These calculations consider two prices. First is the buying prices at the close of business on 1st January 2021. Second, their prevailing prices at press time 2nd November 2021.

You’d have bought one bitcoin (BTC) for $29,374. Therefore, 100USD would have purchased you 0.003404 BTC. Based on BTC’s price of $63,266.45, your holding would be worth $215.38.

For one Ethereum (ETH), you’d have spent $730.37.Therefore you’d have acquired 0.1369 ETH with a $100 purchase. Today ETH exchanges at $4442.56, translating your stash into $608.19.

Similarly, for Binance coin (BNB), $37.91 would’ve bought you one coin. For 100 USD, you’d acquire 2.7027 BNB. The asset is currently going for $545.33, making your initial buy worth $1,473.90 today.

On January 1 2021, 1 Tether (USDT) went for $1.00. Your $100 would have therefore bought 100 USDT. Currently, USDT goes for 1 USD, meaning that you’d still have the $100 you began with.

Cardano (ADA) traded for $0.1753. And you’d acquire 570.45 ADA with your $100. At ADA’s exchange price of $1.97 today, that’ll make your investment worth $1,123.80.

You’d have made a fortune with SOL, DOGE, and SHIB

You would’ve made a killing with three assets. These are Solana(SOL), Shiba Inu( SHIB), and Dogecoin (DOGE).

1 SOL went for $1.84 on 1st January. A 100 USD, therefore, would buy 54.387 SOL. Today, SOL has soared to exchange at $207.20. So your $100 investment would have grown to $11,260.70 today.

On its part, 1 SHIB traded for $0.000000000080. You would’ve bought 1.25T SHIB with your 100 USD. SHIB currently trades at $0.00007049, making your initial investment a whopping $88,112,500!

And DOGE sold for $0.005685. Thus you’d buy 17,590.15 DOGE with $100. But DOGE has appreciated trading at $0.2734, making your initial buy worth $4,809.12.

For these last two, you’d make modest gains. First is Polkadot (DOT), which you’d have bought at $8.31. That would give you 12.0337 DOT from your 100 USD investment. At the current price of $52.83, you’d be holding $635.740.

And 100 USD would’ve bought you 421.2299 XRP. One XRP then exchanged at $0.2374 has since rallied to $1.11. That would translate your cache to $467.57 today.

Edith Muthoni

Edith Muthoni

Edith is an investment writer, trader, and personal finance coach specializing in investments advice around the fintech niche. Her fields of expertise include stocks, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and cryptocurrency investments.

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