Crypto investments are popular between super-rich family investment offices

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• Over 50 percent of family investment offices want to invest in cryptocurrencies.
• Goldman Sachs looks at crypto investments by region.

According to a Goldman Sachs report, major investment firms are attracted to crypto. The figures shared of crypto investments among millionaires are 15 percent higher than last year. However, analysts predict that 45 percent of millionaires plan to join these investments.

Analysts maintain that most people interviewed think that crypto is part of the new financing. Billionaires consider that crypto is a good form of investment. Its commissions are controlled and grow in popularity every day. Goldman Sanch surveyed over 100 investment firm offices.

Crypto investments vary by region, as per Goldman Sachs

crypto investments

Goldman Sachs showed that over 20 percent of investment venues in the United States had used cryptocurrencies. But a reduced 8 percent of investment companies in Asia and Europe have used crypto.

The analyses also found that over 60 percent of investment firms in Asia show their interest in crypto. However, due to restrictions from Beijing, its objectives may be affected for the time being.

But in the United States, only 39 percent of investment offices have shown interest. Finally, investors in the Middle East and Europe cover 35 percent.

Research shows good reception in cryptocurrencies

Goldman analysts announce that crypto investments are taken as an option for offices concerned about inflation. Over 40 percent of the surveyed offices think the fiat currency crash is imminent. These concerns increase as global banks give money for the country’s economy to improve.

But 39 percent of these investment offices among billionaires showed their dissatisfaction with cryptocurrencies. These agencies think that crypto investments are high-risk, volatile, and possibly dead in a short period. However, some of these investment firms were only confused by the crypto scheme.

The family investment agencies of the rich in the world are a key point in crypto investments. The offices surveyed have diverse opinions on crypto that have barely gained priority in the market. However, the companies that support the cryptocurrency market cover a good percentage for it to grow.

With Goldman Sachs and his research, it can be seen that many investment companies are looking to renew themselves. Fiat currencies like the dollar are no longer a guaranteed source of investment, and that is why they turn to crypto. Although no office mentioned their preferred cryptocurrency in the decentralized market, it is likely to be Bitcoin.

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