Crypto miners rejoice as threatening energy tax withdrawn


  • The proposed “Digital Asset Mining Energy excise tax” was withdrawn from the Fiscal Responsibility Act 2023.
  • The tax was seen as a threat to the cryptocurrency mining industry and caused concern within the sector.
  • Republican Congressman Warren Davidson announced the exclusion of the tax provision on Twitter, generating a sense of optimism among crypto miners.

Cryptocurrency miners nationwide found their spirits uplifted this Sunday as a dark cloud threatening their industry parted, revealing a silver lining.

The potential storm, a 30% energy excise tax looming over them under the proposed “Digital Asset Mining Energy excise tax,” had been withdrawn from the Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023. The unexpected reprieve brought a sense of respite to the sector.

The Fiscal Responsibility Act is critical legislation to prevent a U.S. default by escalating the debt ceiling. The controversial tax proposal, initially envisioned by the Biden administration, was designed to mitigate what it characterized as the industry’s “negative spillovers.” Crypto miners considered this measure an ominous adversary that had cast a pall over the vibrant sector.

Republican Congressman Warren Davidson served as the herald of the encouraging news. Taking to Twitter, he revealed that the contentious provision had been excluded from the bill. 

Responding to Pierre Rochard, the VP of Research at Riot Platforms, he tweeted, “Yes, one of the victories is blocking proposed taxes.” This confirmation was greeted by a chorus of relief from the cryptocurrency world, jubilant at the withdrawal of the tax threat.

Embodying the renewed optimism, the crypto market bounced back impressively. In particular, Bitcoin’s value soared, marking a staggering 65% surge this year, and US-based crypto mining shares saw a bullish rebound.

Riot Platforms, where Rochard holds the VP position, celebrated a breathtaking 77.8% rise in share value since March 1, and Marathon Digital Holdings also enjoyed a respectable 37.2% climb.

This renewed vitality has spurred several U.S. states to welcome crypto miners with open arms. Arkansas joined Montana and Texas in April, proposing legislation to safeguard the operations of Bitcoin mining firms.

The Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023 is due to go to the vote on May 31. If it gains approval, this landmark event will champion the cause of cryptocurrency miners, setting the stage for more significant investment and expansion in this promising sector. In conclusion, it’s fair to say that Sunday was when the cryptocurrency world celebrated silver linings rather than just mining.

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