Crypto Industry is likely to shrink to quality in 2019, experts

Cryptocurrency funds would be decreased by as much as ninety percent (90%) expresses the founder of LD Capital Lihua Yi. He was speaking at the Chain DD event, dubbed “Who is the prophet” this past week.

Yi also believes that the cryptocurrency media outlets would meet the same fate in the year 2019. The industry boomed, and so did media outlets but it is about time that performers shall sustain well non-performing funds, and media outlets are eliminated by competition. He further expressed that “no more than 20 media outlets” would be allowed to survive by the adverse market conditions in the near future.

On the other hand, during the same event Ultrain co-founder and market expert Rui Guo where did not contradict with Yi, he believes that blockchain would allow new markets to merge into the crypto industry thus providing some level of relief to the market. However, he did not comment on whether or not the funding would perish or the media outlets.

Among other prominent experts of the industry at the event, Zheng Ren, a Consensus lab partner also believes that if not ninety percent (90%) at least eighty percent (80%) of the funds in tokens would be pushed to either transform for survival or just perish. He, however, added that the survivors would be best of the best.

Last but not least, a scholar, Ph.D. supervisor and expert of Economics and Management Mei Luo from the Tsinghua University School believes that regardless of the market conditions the year ahead would see some major advancements in cryptocurrency research and not just promising, rather “explosive” results would be seen in the years to come.