Crypto ban: China firewall blocks access to Coingecko, Coinmarket websites


TL;DR Breakdown

  • China amidst crypto ban blocks access to crypto analytical websites CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko.
  • Crypto community in china begins to go in hiding.
  • Chinese government out to totally exhume crypto from its system.

China has continued to intensify its effort towards sustaining the crypto ban in the country.

Most recently, the country blocked access to CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, the two leading crypto analytical websites in the crypto industry as its intensified crypto ban action continues.

The two analytical websites are blocked by China’s internet firewall, according to local news sources. Also,, an online tool for checking sites censored by China’s Great Firewall, also shows that the two sites are blocked.

According to, both analytical websites were not actively cut off Chinese IP access. Instead, it was a move by China’s internet censorship agency. “As far as we know, we didn’t block proactively,” CoinGecko co-founder TM Lee said.

China firing all cylinders at ensuring crypto ban

Blocking access to CoinGecko and CoinMarkerCap websites is an indication that China is not only forcing out crypto companies with roots and services in the country but trying to limit Chinese users’ exposure to market information.

However, crypto users in some parts of China (mainland) can access both analytical websites if they route via virtual private networks (VPN) to get around the firewall. VPN has become common among Chinese also after the People’s Bank of China released measures to intensify the crypto crackdown last Friday.

Crypto users in the country also live in fear now, with many chat rooms on WeChat popular in China already dissolved and moved to Telegram. They have also started educating others on using VPNs and joining Telegram group chats to keep their crypto conversations alive.

Intensified effort on crypto crackdown persists

After all the struggle by the government and further suppressive measures on Friday against crypto, authorities in the country are not backing off. They continue to adopt new strategies and hunt for new crypto firms to crackdown on.

Most recently, on Tuesday, reports from Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Bayannaoer City Development and Reform Commission along with other authorities revealed that they had captured 10,100 unregistered mining machines. Furthermore, the authorities announced that Inner Mongolia has also shut down 45 virtual currency mining projects.

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