Consensys takes a bold step into Web3 development with SMG acquisition

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  • Consensys acquires SMG, a known expert in blockchain microstructure research, intending to amalgamate SMG’s specific research capabilities with its own wide-reaching technological prowess.
  • This acquisition, along with previous strategic procurements like Hal and the unveiling of Metamask Snaps, signals Consensys’s steadfast commitment to enhancing its capacities.

Consensys, a frontrunner in blockchain technology and applications, has recently announced the acquisition of Special Mechanism Group (SMG), a company highly recognized for its blockchain microstructure research and mechanism design. This notable merger manifests as a pivotal point in Consensys’s journey towards making Web3 accessible to all, underscoring its commitment to augmenting decentralized networks. The financial details of the acquisition remain undisclosed, yet the strategic implications resonate profoundly across the blockchain and cryptocurrency domains.

Decoding the strategic implications of the SMG acquisition

In a world becoming progressively digital, decentralized networks have emerged as an impending reality and a practical necessity. The acquisition of SMG marks Consensys’s ardent pursuit of catalyzing the evolution of decentralized networks and weaving the future tapestry of blockchain technology. Jason Linehan, previously the CEO of SMG, will assume the role of Director of Special Mechanisms Group at Consensys, a move that seamlessly brings together SMG’s specialized expertise and Consensys’s expansive scale and innovative product range.

Linehan expressed an optimistic outlook toward this merger, stating, “Decentralized networks are the future. By joining SMG’s expertise with the incredible products and scale of Consensys, we will make that future happen a lot faster.” The combined proficiencies of both entities will likely pave the way for accelerated developments and innovations in the blockchain and Web3 space, ensuring that accessibility to decentralized platforms becomes a feasible reality for all.

Building a robust framework for decentralized solutions

SMG, known for its incisive research focused on blockchain microstructure, presents a wealth of knowledge that Consensys aims to harness to democratize Web3. The acquisition will see a complete absorption of SMG’s operations into Consensys, aligning research, development, and implementation processes in a unified direction. By marrying SMG’s research-centric approach with Consensys’s technological prowess and market reach, the merged entity aims to create a robust framework that ensures the seamless implementation of decentralized solutions.

As decentralized networks become synonymous with the future of digital transactions and governance, the SMG acquisition positions Consensys in a strategic vantage point, facilitating the exploration and creation of innovative solutions that catalyze the evolution and adoption of decentralized technologies.

A continuum of strategic acquisitions and innovations

This acquisition marks the third of its kind since 2022 for Consensys, each strategically aligned with enhancing its capabilities and offerings within the decentralized and blockchain space. In February, Consensys acquired Hal, a platform facilitating users in creating trading and governance voting, among other capabilities, while traversing through blockchain data. The acquisition was crucial in enhancing the company’s capabilities in terms of providing versatile, user-centric solutions in the realm of blockchain and crypto trading.

Furthermore, in the last month, Consensys unveiled Metamask Snaps, designed to allow augmented customization of MetaMask wallets, thereby offering users more control and versatility in managing their digital assets. Solflare’s Solana wallet also marked its launch on Snaps on September 12, indicating a positive and growing reception in the market. The expansion of the framework now seeks to facilitate a decentralized community that can vet and approve new Snaps, with 34 Snaps being available as of the previous month.

The successive acquisitions and innovations indicate a well-charted path by Consensys, one that is cognizant of market needs, technological advancements, and the overarching goal of making Web3 accessible to a wider audience.


With the acquisition of SMG, Consensys underpins its visionary approach towards developing and enhancing decentralized networks. By integrating specialized expertise, innovative solutions, and a user-centric approach, the company is not merely navigating through the decentralized and blockchain sphere but also actively shaping its future trajectory. The melding of SMG’s operations into Consensys is foreseen to breed a synergy that pushes the boundaries of what is currently achievable within the blockchain and Web3 spheres.

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