Concord developers defend PSN requirement while revealing monetization details

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  • Concord developers defend the PSN requirement after the Helldivers 2 controversy; the game was unveiled last month.
  • Concord intends to make PC players sign up with PSN from the game’s launch to enable them to come together.
  • Devs defended the move, stating that was how features like cross-play and cross-progression can be implemented.

Concord developers have defended their move to require a PSN account on PC by stating that it will enable the implementation of features such as cross-progression and cross-play. Jon Weisnewski, lead character designer at Firewalk, added that this was necessary to allow PC and PlayStation 5 players to come together.

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Sony Interactive Entertainment is quickly expanding its PC offerings and is increasingly bringing more games to the previously overlooked platform. The company is trying to get more players signed up for PlayStation Network. However, the PSN requirement was already met with controversy as Helldivers 2 reversed its post-launch strategy regarding a PSN requirement. On the other hand, Concord, the upcoming first-person shooter(FPS), intends to make its players sign up with PlayStation Network(PSN) from the onset.

Developers want PC and PS5 players to come together 

Jon Weisnewski, lead character designer at Firewalk, defended the PSN account requirement move and stated it was necessary to enable PC and PlayStation 5 players to come together. According to Wisniewski, the PSN requirement behind Concord on PC is required to implement features like cross-play and cross-progression. He added that this commitment aims to enable players to come together.

And so for us to have PC players and PlayStation 5 players together, for that cross-play and cross-progression to work, that’s a layer that needs to be there – just on a technical level. So the goal is we want to get players together, to have fun and play together, this is part of that experience.”

-Jon Weisnewski

Sony-published PS5 games have employed diverse strategies following the Helldivers 2 controversy over the PSN requirement. For instance, the Ghost of Tsushima allows the audience to participate in the game without a PSN account as long as they are offline.

According to observers, Concord’s launch and PSN account requirements were met with mixed reactions from players tired of live service games; however, the FPS game has much potential and pedigree. Concord announced the game’s final version will be released on August 23, 2024, for PC and PS5.

Concord reveals monetization details

In an interview earlier this month, Chris Tapsel, Concord developer Firewalk, addressed the FPS’ game monetization. He stated that the upcoming PlayStation PS5 and PC hero shooter is cheap, priced at 35 to 40 Euros. He added that was a fair amount for the content contained in the game.

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“When you buy the game, you get… the 16 characters, 12 maps, six modes,”. “Every season, all that seasonal content, that’s all free… this isn’t gameplay, this is only cosmetic – that you can purchase, and that will come out seasonally as well.”

Firewalk’s director of IP, Kim Kreines

In a recent interview, Firewalk also confirmed that the game will share Overwatch’s monetization structure and will only offer players skins at an extra cost.

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