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Community Lead Greg Miles Shares His Impressions of Working Inside the Award-winning Launchpad, UpLift DAO

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Greg Miles, the Community Lead of UpLift DAO, an early stage startup accelerator having recently surpassed the 1M BUSD milestone in total funding raised since its inception in November 2021, has shared his inside scoop on how to keep in tune with the pulse of one of the largest crypto communities on the market spanning across 150 countries.  

Please, list five adjectives that describe you.

I’d say that those would be energetic, driven, lifeful, eager and… lucky. 

How did you first get into Cryptocurrency? And what were you doing before this?

I stumbled across DeFi and quickly became immersed in how innovative and important it was, before getting even more immersed in NFTs, crypto culture, and understanding crypto communities. 

Before being captivated by crypto, I was a financial investigator for the Civil Service, which is a world apart from crypto, but crypto is definitely where I belong. 

Who do you follow for inspiration? 

I follow and listen to the communities around me – great ideas often spark from talking to people – you just have to make sure you listen properly! 

It’s also easy to find inspiration when working around incredible people with incredible backgrounds of doing incredible things, which is something that I’m privileged to enjoy at UpLift DAO. 

What is your current state of mind?

I’m excited! I’m an energetic person, so I’m excited to bring that energy into the community, watching the community grow, and seeing their reactions to some of the projects and plans that UpLift DAO has coming up. 

If you had to have a motto what would it be?

I think an important part of being in a community is a feeling of togetherness, so when it comes to that “All for one, and one for all!” would fit the bill! 

What makes you passionate about UpLift DAO?

I’m driven by ideas and the values of UpLift DAO, and the team and community that sustain and support it. UpLift DAO launches the best-in-class IDOs and brings opportunities to everyone, establishing a high standard of quality across the space. 

It’s really cool to be a part of something that’s working to launch and incubate projects that will go on to see huge success and bring us closer to wider adoption of crypto, which is what we all want. So joining an amazing DAO such as UpLift is one of the ways to accomplish this goal.  

What are some things that you find challenging about your role?

We have a very diverse community spanning across 150 countries, so I think it’s an important challenge to make sure that we’re always making information clearly available to the different nationalities of our community, which we manage to do with our UpLift DAO leaders. 

I also think that when it comes to solving problems, a big part of finding solutions is to understand the reasons behind the problem and where it started, so taking the time to properly understand and listen to what people have to say is a really important thing to maintain. 

What are some things about working in crypto and your role that you appreciate the most?

I appreciate the opportunity to work with and alongside amazing people, and getting to know and immersing yourself in the community is a really rewarding thing – you make a lot of friends! 

It’s also really fun to work in an innovative and fast- moving space –  there’re many incredible projects emerging and yet to emerge that will build amazing things that will go on to be best in tier, and these are the ones that we’ll be bringing to UpLift DAO and the entire crypto space. It’s both exciting and highly rewarding to work inside of that. 

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