Collect Fragments in Shrapnel STX3 Playtest and Trade on Its Upcoming Marketplace

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  • Shrapnel is launching the first version of its marketplace on 23rd May.
  • Its STX3 playtest will run from 23rd May to 26th May, and players will get the chance to collect in-game items.
  • Players need to purchase an extraction pack to participate in the early access playtest.

The team behind Shrapnel has announced that it will launch the first version of its marketplace on 23rd May, along with the start of its STX3 playtesting event.

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Players can collect various fragments in Shrapnel’s playtest by interacting with lootable objects like crates and use these fragments to craft a wide range of skins. These fragments are also tradeable on Shrapnel’s upcoming marketplace that is launching on 23rd May.

Shrapnel skins
A sneak peek into the Shrapnel Skins Crafting (Source: Shrapnel X account)

Players Can Craft Weapon Skins Using 3 Unique Fragments

Players need at least three unique fragments fitting the weapon and skin type in order to craft a skin. They’ll also get the option to use a Wildcard fragment if they can’t find a particular fragment required for a skin. These wildcards will be available both in-game as rewards and on the upcoming marketplace.

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With the passage of time, older fragments will be halted, and new fragments will roll in-game. This means that the older unused fragments will only be available on the marketplace, which will naturally raise their price along with the value of associated skins. This gives players the incentives to trade on the marketplace.

Shrapnel marketplace
Shrapnel Marketplace v1 (Source: Shrapnel X account)

In addition to the fragments, there will be a fee for crafting weapons based on their type. For instance, Common weapon skins will cost 5 $SHRAP, while Rare weapons will cost 10 $SHRAP. On the higher end, players will be paying 20 $SHRAP and 50 $SHRAP for Epic and Legendary skins, respectively.

Which Fragments Can Players Obtain in the Upcoming STX3 Playtest?

The upcoming STX3 playtest will give players the opportunity to collect fragments belonging to three categories: Common, Rare, and Epic. Here are the skins that players can collect during the playtest:

  • Warden of the Fall AR – Common
  • Warden of the Fall SMG – Common
  • Warden of the Fall Shotgun – Common
  • Warden of the Fall Pistol – Common
  • Hazard Pay Shotgun Skin – Rare
  • Ghost Tesseract Pistol Skin – Rare
  • Harvest Ember Pistol – Rare
  • Harvest Ember Shotgun – Rare
  • Harvest Ember AR – Rare
  • Chartreuse Viper SMG – Rare
  • Cerulean Digital AR – Rare
  • Cerulean Digital Pistol – Rare
  • Cerulean Digital Shotgun – Rare
  • Muted Serpent AR – Rare
  • Muted Serpent Pistol – Rare
  • Muted Serpent Shotgun – Rare
  • Rubicon AR – Rare
  • Rubicon Pistol – Rare
  • Rubicon Shotgun – Rare
  • Nighthawks Watch Pistol – Epic
  • Nighthawks Watch AR – Epic
  • Nighthawks Watch Shotgun – Epic

How To Get Access to Shrapnel STX3 Playtest?

Shrapnel Epic Games store listing
Shrapnel’s listing on the Epic Games store

Shrapnel’s STX3 playtest will begin on 23rd May (18:00 UTC) and end on 26th May (18:00 UTC). To participate, players can simply create an account on the Epic Games store, download Shrapnel, and get one of Shrapnel’s three extraction packs: Light, Medium, or Heavy. Here’s what these extraction packs offer:

  • Light – Early access, 1 MEF Operator, 1 gear pack
  • Medium – Early access, a choice between 1 of 2 MEF Operators, 1 gear pack
  • Heavy – Early access, a choice between 1 of 3 MEF Operators, 1 Gear pack

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