Blockchain game Shrapnel cautions its users against manipulation


  • Blockchain-based shooter game Shrapnel has warned its users against manipulating the game through illegal strategies.
  • Regulatory challenges and cash-out restrictions.

Shrapnel, an innovative blockchain-based extraction shooter game, has recently taken steps to address issues of unfair advantage among its user base. The company uncovered instances of users employing illegal strategies such as teaming and account sharing to manipulate their standings on the leaderboard during early access gameplay events.

Shrapnel issues warnings to its players

According to the platform, teaming, which involves coordinated efforts among players to target others, significantly disrupts the gaming experience for solo players. Moreover, Shrapnel discovered users accessing the same player account from multiple devices, suggesting collusion to gain an unfair advantage.

In response, the company has reaffirmed its commitment to fair play and announced stringent measures against violators. The platform issued warnings of permanent bans for users found violating the game’s terms of use, which encompass actions like sharing login credentials or progress with others.

To tackle these issues effectively, the game has implemented robust detection systems to identify anomalies and encouraged the community to report instances of abuse. With the game gearing up for a full launch, the company underscores the importance of addressing these issues, particularly as players engage with NFTs and other digital assets within the game’s ecosystem.

Despite the crackdown on unfair play, the decision has sparked criticism from some community members who argue that it unfairly penalizes guilds and communities that prefer team matches. In response, Shrapnel clarified that only users found to be unfairly coordinating to climb the leaderboard would face consequences, while those playing with friends would not be affected.

Regulatory challenges and cash-out restrictions

In September 2023, Shrapnel made the strategic decision to restrict users in the United States from cashing out in-game assets due to regulatory complexities involving the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). However, players from Europe and Asia remain unaffected by these restrictions.

Francis Brankin, Shrapnel’s head of economy, explained that allowing U.S. users to cash out would classify the game as a security under U.S. regulations. Despite this setback, Brankin expressed optimism that Neon, the team behind Shrapnel, would devise a solution to enable U.S. users to transfer their earnings to bank accounts in the future.

While the decision to restrict cashing out disappointed some U.S. players, Shrapnel remains committed to navigating regulatory challenges while delivering an enjoyable gaming experience for all users. As the game continues to evolve and prepares for a broader audience, ensuring fairness and compliance with regulations will remain paramount for the company.

Shrapnel’s proactive measures to address unfair play underscore its dedication to fostering a balanced and equitable gaming environment. By prioritizing fair play and regulatory compliance, Shrapnel aims to uphold the integrity of its gaming platform while providing an engaging experience for players worldwide.

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