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Cointracking.info is an online platform that primarily serves as a tracking medium for the various leading cryptocurrencies in the market. It is one of the most prominent such services in the market, boasting over three hundred thousand clients and a slew of insightful features. 

What does the platform do?

The service is primarily geared towards analysts and investors in the digital currency market. Cointracking.info helps keeps its customer base informed on the different predictions and trends sweeping the market. It lays out experimental forecasts for Bitcoin, apart from having access to past and present charts for the currency market. 

The Cointracking.info platform also assists clients with the assessment of key indicators in the market to further their margin for success. The platform also examines and dissects customers’ trading activity, helping to deliver a more fulfilling assessment of their losses and gains. Lastly, the platform provides a tax declaration service as well for its customers, giving them aid in the taxing procedure. 

Essential features

As mentioned prior to this, the platform offers a wide range of features and services to improve customers’ crypto asset management. 

1) Account tracking

Customers have the option of allowing the platform to sync into all of their digital currency-related accounts, including wallets and mining pools. With this, the platform is given complete access to the full spectrum of crypto activity a client has been undertaking. The Cointracking.info platform uses this information to analyze and dissect the client’s trading patterns and to also assess the condition of their crypto dealings. The platform provides support for a massive six thousand coins and over thirty leading digital currency trading firms. 

2) Income tax procedures

CoinTracking Free subscribers can create tax reports for free if they have 200 transactions or less to process. Clients under a paid membership can process more transactions and connect their cryptocurrency exchange accounts via API.  All CoinTracking users can download tax-related forms and documents, assisting them with the taxation and declaration process. 

3) Market analysis, charts, and forecasts

The Cointracking.info platform is designed as an integrated system of support for individuals partaking in the crypto market sector. Apart from assisting to examine and assess clients’ activity in the crypto market, the platform also provides multiple tools to give traders the appropriate market directives. These services include charting features for a wide range of currencies, as well as up to date pricing and forecasts for Bitcoin. 

Additional features

Apart from the core features mentioned above, the Cointracking.info platform does provide customers with other helpful facilities. These include a calculation feature for key indicators and an interactive search function as well. 

Customer support

The Cointracking.info platform maintains a vast support architecture primarily consisting of advice, posts and tutorials. This material is designed to supply clients with useful knowledge and updated information pertaining to the crypto sector. Unlike other leading platforms in the sector, 

Cointracking.info does NOT maintain an active phone or chat supports. It does, however, provide a self-service ticket system and a customer support chatbot. It also grooms active channels of discussion with customers on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. 

Fees and pricing

The Cointracking.info platform comes with multiple packages with varying pricing options. The basic package, free of cost, enables clients to access certain integral features with restrictions on other more advanced features. 

The second package, available for seventy-six dollars a year, is specifically suited for the more casual element of traders. Under this Cointracking.info package, clients can run around thirty-five hundred transactions, engage in tax activity and sync with five digital wallets. 

The premium package for Cointracking.info, available for a hundred and twenty dollars a year, comes with the full range of features and facilities that the platform has to offer. 

Website and user interface 

The website powered by the service is slick, intuitive and easy to use. The online apps that the platform runs are also quite functional and can be modified and enhanced to the users’ conveniences. 

People will be able to create an anonymous account by not providing any email information. Please be advised that this option should be thought of properly since anonymous accounts that do not have any email information will have a hard time receiving support and recover any lost passwords.


Online reviews

The Cointracking.info platform has secured a generous four-star rating on its own Facebook page. There were, however, a few minor complaints directed at the customer support mechanisms and software glitches. 

Pros and Cons


1)The Cointracking.info platform covers all major currencies and the major exchanges as well. 

2) It utilizes advanced charts that can assist traders with its indicators. 

3) The presence of historical data from charts, allowing customers to access market activity from the past. 


1) The pricing options are quite steep, especially for the more advanced packages. 


Cointracking.info is one of the essential pieces in the broader crypto ecosystem. As a trustworthy and reliable mechanism for tracking and forecasting currencies, it does have a rare appeal. There may be other tools and services in the market that attempt to adopt this model, but the Cointracking.info platform with its extensive features is certainly something a professional would benefit from. As with all online transactions, do your own due diligence.

Available Currencies Fees Interface Customer support Online reception Mobile apps
Over 6000 Moderate to high Intuitive and slick Weak Good Present


Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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