‘Investors’ Guide: How to earn the most coins from Binance-backed Movement’s mainnet airdrop

Movement’s new project has gotten off to an impressive start, with millions of users around the world banking to capitalize on its recently confirmed airdrop, whose deadline is in 3 days. This airdrop will see many early investors earn valuable tokens at no cost. Users are expected to earn around $6000+ from an exercise that will only take a few minutes.

Backed by Binance, the airdrop is set to boost the project’s development after it secured $41.4M in funding from its partners, including Binance, Polychain, and Aptos. Investors will earn tokens by actively engaging in the ecosystem and completing various simple tasks. Here is a simple guide on how to participate in the airdrop.

Minting your free NFT 

Users can earn by going to Zora and minting their own NFTs free of charge. This process is done once a user connects their wallet to the site, which uses its advanced system to help generate the NFT. The user will then select the Arbitrum network and click the “Mint” button to confirm their transaction. 

mint move nft
Minting an NFT on Movement’s website

Set up a compatible wallet

To earn from this airdrop, users will need to set up a compatible wallet. In this case, it is Razor Wallet. Users can easily set up the wallet by installing the wallet’s extension on their browser. It is vital that users safeguard their seed phrase during this process to ensure their assets’ security.

Set up razor wallet
Setting up a Razor wallet

Connecting to the network

Once they have created the wallet, users can move on to the next step: linking their wallet to the network to claim the tokens. Visit the testnet website to access the platform.

Users have to toggle their wallets and make sure to select the M1 Devnet option. Then, they will continue to copy and paste their wallet address into the space provided. Click on the “Get Tokens” option to complete this step.

Swapping the Move tokens

Users can use the earned tokens by accessing Razor Wallet’s platform and swapping them for other coins. The $MOVE tokens can be swapped for more commonly used and traded coins such as BTC and USDT. Users may have to repeat the process between 5-10 times to swap out all the tokens. 

Confirming the transaction

Once they have completed the step above, users will proceed to another page where they will toggle the options in their wallet and click on the “Add Liquidity” option. They can select their coins from this page and continue to confirm the transactions. 

Making transactions

Users can initiate other transactions by opening their Razor wallet extension. They have to toggle options to select the M2 Devnet from the available options. Users need to copy their wallet address before switching to the M1 Devnet. Then, they can then transfer their funds to the copied address.

Join the Movement community

Joining the Movement community
Joining the Movement community

The final step prompts users to join the Movement community through their website. Joining the community involves completing a number of easy social quests that will lead to them getting a role on Discord.


Cryptopolitan reporting by Collins J. Okoth

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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