CoinsPaid Resumes Operations After Hacker Attack; Collaborates with Crypto Community

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  • CoinsPaid rebounds after a hacker attack by the Lazarus Group, preventing higher losses through robust security measures and expert response.
  • The company collaborates with crypto community members, initiates an investigation, and aims to lead an industry-wide initiative to strengthen security and prevent similar attacks in the future.

In a shocking turn of events, leading cryptocurrency payment provider CoinsPaid recently experienced a major hacker attack on July 22nd, resulting in a loss of USD 37.3 million. The suspected culprit behind this audacious heist is the notorious Lazarus Group, a powerful hacker organization known for targeting high-profile companies worldwide. Despite the staggering nature of the attack, CoinsPaid’s dedicated team of experts swiftly responded, fortifying their systems to minimize the impact and safeguard customer funds. This article delves into the aftermath of the incident, CoinsPaid’s recovery efforts, and the collaboration within the crypto community to bolster security.

Lazarus Group Strikes Again: A Trail of High-Profile Victims

Lazarus Group, infamous for its audacious cyberattacks, dealt a devastating blow to CoinsPaid, exploiting vulnerabilities in their systems and siphoning off USD 37.3 million. Notably, this cybercriminal collective had previously targeted other prominent entities, including Sony (USD 81 million), Axie Infinity (USD 625 million), Horizon Bridge (USD 100 million), Atomic Wallet (USD 100 million), and Alphapo (USD 23 million). It appears that the hacker group had expected the CoinsPaid attack to be more lucrative, but the company’s robust security measures thwarted their plans, leaving them with a record-low reward.

CoinsPaid’s Swift Response and Commitment to Customer Protection

In the wake of the attack, CoinsPaid’s response was characterized by urgency and a steadfast commitment to its customers. A dedicated team of experts worked tirelessly to fortify the platform’s security infrastructure, ensuring that customer funds remained intact. Although the attack caused a partial downtime, the company is making significant progress in restoring services within a newly secured environment. CoinsPaid’s CEO, Max Krupyshev, emphasized the importance of prioritizing the system’s smooth operation, with minor details being ironed out in the coming days.

Furthermore, CoinsPaid promptly initiated an investigation to track and mark the stolen funds using various blockchain analytics tools. The company expressed its gratitude to the crypto community for its proactive support, with renowned entities such as Crystal, Chainalysis, Match Systems, Valkyrieinvest, Staked.us, OKCoinJapan, Binance, and others lending their expertise to aid in the investigation process. On July 25th, CoinsPaid filed an official report with the Estonian law enforcement agency, demonstrating its commitment to cooperating fully with the investigation.

Collaborative Efforts and Future Initiatives to Strengthen Crypto Security

As the incident rattled the cryptocurrency industry, CoinsPaid aims to turn adversity into an opportunity for growth and improved security. Acknowledging the need for greater trust, transparency, and reliability in the financial system, the company is determined to emerge stronger than ever. To this end, CoinsPaid plans to convene a round table with all the Lazarus victims in the coming weeks, introducing a new initiative aimed at minimizing and preventing future cyberattacks.

In an unprecedented move, CoinsPaid has invited major crypto exchanges and platforms, including Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, Bitfinex, and OKX, to actively participate in this crucial process. By fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing, the crypto community can collectively strengthen defenses against cyber threats and protect user assets.


CoinsPaid’s resilience in the face of the hacker attack showcases the company’s dedication to safeguarding customer funds and reinforcing its security infrastructure. The incident has prompted collaborative efforts within the crypto community to bolster industry-wide defenses and prevent future attacks. As CoinsPaid continues its recovery journey, it remains committed to delivering first-class payment solutions and ensuring the perpetrators face justice. With the proposed round table initiative, the company sets a precedent for unity and cooperation in the crypto industry, striving for a more stable and secure financial ecosystem for all users.

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