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Coindar introduces its cryptocurrency calendar that creates a safe place for you to expand your opportunities. As a person who decided to step into the crypto world, being in the know of events happening near you in the crypto industry gives you the crucial information in the nick of time. Not only tiring, going through every possible website to search for events and conferences can make you lose valuable opportunities in the crypto space.

Review Summary

Pros: easy to navigate, rating system and reliable source option

Cons: limited language support

Coindar is a cryptocurrency calendar that allows you to go through around 1,600 blockchain developers’ events on one platform. It has made the lives of crypto enthusiasts and interested people easier by providing valuable information.


Coindar is popular amongst other cryptocurrency calendars and holds a top place in the list. 


Coindar is designed for desktop use (but you can, of course, access their website from smartphones). The platform is a safe ecosystem for the investors and those who are actively looking for tech updates in the crypto and blockchain industry. 

Here’s how you can benefit from Coindar:

  • Calendar
  • Coins 
  • Tweets 


Coindars’ calendar feature is easy to understand, manage, and use. Personally, for me, the easy-to-navigate interface has been a great help. Everything is laid out without complications and intricate guides. 

Users can filter the calendar by adding several keywords (date, exchange, tag, caption, etc.). The solution goes through social media of more than 1,600 blockchain developers and gathers information about upcoming events that are accumulated on their platform. 

The calendar option offers additional services:

  • Add Event – you can contribute to the cause of Coindar, and add an event of yours or another. Hosts and those who are attending upcoming events can add them to the list (if the platform hasn’t featured it yet), so the masses will be notified on time. 
  • Portfolio – Even though Coindar doesn’t offer exchange services; it provides to create a portfolio and fill it with your favorite cryptocurrency. You will get notified when the events of your chosen portfolio objects occur (via mail, Telegram, or push notifications). 


Coindar features coin listings, market capitalization, and current prices of more than 1500 coins (still growing).  

Note: Coindar does not feature exchange, the listings are for only information. 

You’ll notice that users will put their calculated forecasts as well to help others understand how some coins might change over time. 


One thing users like about Coindar is its’ volume of information. Instead of going through your Twitter feed, searching through the crypto experts’ feeds for valuable details, Coindar gathers all that thanks to its’ bot and places it on one platform. 

This service offers a page where you can read tweets of more than 1000 coin developers. Besides this, you can find an active press release page on their website. 

Comparison with other cryptocurrency calendars

Coindar is not the only cryptocurrency calendar on the market. Of course, there are alternatives to it, and it’s up to you to decide which one works best for you. 


Pros: dark theme, easy-to-navigate

Cons: limited language support, limited services

Coincalendar is another crypto calendar that might come in handy while planning your crypto month. In comparison with Coindar, it does not feature as many services and only distributes a small amount of information. 

Coindar, on the other hand, goes over the limits and offers portfolio, tweets, and API services. 


Pros: additional services, tremendous language support

Cons: not-so-friendly interface, hard to navigate

CoinGecko overcomes Coindar with its’ considerable language support (with 21 languages on their website). These two calendars feature almost the same amount of services, although Coindar delivers a larger volume of events and has a rating option where validated users rate the events as legitimate, trusted, etc.  


Pros: community-driven calendar, additional features, large language support

Cons: not-so-friendly interface, hard to navigate

You can call Coinmarketcal a decent competitor to Coindar. They are much alike with the distribution of their services and information about events. They are both community-driven platforms that allow users to rate the events and their legitimacy. 

Coindar has to add a few languages to compare to Coinmarketcal at this point. Coinmarketcal supports eight languages. They also have a Twitter and Telegram bot that sends out updates about upcoming events and more.  

Customer Reviews

“I’ve fallen in love with CoinDar for its simplicity and rich functionality. They even have an open API for events. Cool!”

That is what you will read if you’ll search for the customer reviews of Coindar. Currently, customers are widely satisfied with the services Coindar offers. The platform is gaining popularity day-by-day. 

They also have excellent customer support and accessibility on social media. 

You can contact them via the email address or community platforms, such as Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook. The users are also in love with their Telegram blog that offers updates and press releases regularly.


Coindar is a decent cryptocurrency calendar that offers a wide range of features. With the years to come up, they will definitely expand their horizons and advise more people on how to plan their crypto activities properly. 

In comparison with other calendars, Coindar seems to have the upper hand. At least it features in the top list of such platforms and continues the growth. 

As with all crypto information and transactions, do your own due diligence.

How do you like Coindar? Did we manage to give you all the information you needed? Let us know in the comments below. 


  • Does Coindar have an exchange feature?  

No. Coindar does feature the listings of coins, but it does not have an exchange option. The listings are for the users to follow their favorite cryptocurrencies and forecasts.

  •   Can I add my event? 

Yes, users can add their own events or the ones they have heard about. You will need to go through the registration process and add the event. Your event will be added to the list and for more legitimacy, it will need an original source and approval from other users. 

  •   Will I be notified if some event happens in my area? 

Yes, if will request so. Users can create portfolios by adding their favorite cryptocurrencies. Your will get notifications about the updates in your portfolio listing and the events happening near you. 

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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